Sunday, January 23, 2011

iPhone pictures

Just a note – my internet really hasn’t been working well all weekend.  I have no clue what’s wrong with it, but of course this happens when Mark isn’t here to fix it.  I have a tiny netbook that seems to be connecting to the internet okay, but our desktop connects for maybe 2 mins out of every 4 hours, and this has been going on for days.  I’m not sure if it’s the internet or the router, but the router is conveniently located in Abbie’s room so I can’t mess with it at all when she’s napping or down for the night.  SUPER annoying to say the least.  One of my biggest pet peeves has got to be internet that works about 5% of the time.  Grrr…

Anyway, here are some pictures I’ve taken over the last month on my iPhone.  I’ve been taking pictures with it every day and trying to send them to Mark, so some of these are those, and some of them are just ones I took before he left.

iPhone pics 1-23 001 iPhone pics 1-23 002

One of my favorite outfits on her.  Unfortunately it’s getting too short.

iPhone pics 1-23 003

She is ALWAYS on her tippy toes.  She’s going to be a little ballerina, I’m sure.

iPhone pics 1-23 004

I remember when she was too short to reach the floor when she sat on her bug bike.  Seems like that was just yesterday.

iPhone pics 1-23 005

This is how I find her pretty much every morning.  Standing in the corner of her crib with her pony tucked under her arm.

iPhone pics 1-23 006


“Shnuggling” as she calls it.  “Shnuggle mommy?”iPhone pics 1-23 007

This morning she actually stayed asleep when I went in to get her!  Usually as soon as I open the door she pops her head up and is ready to go.  This morning I turned on her light, messed around with the router for a bit, went and got my camera and took a few pictures of her before I finally woke her up by picking her up.  She was tired!  (You can’t see it, but her pony is tucked under her left arm.  So cute!)

 iPhone pics 1-23 008

And the weina.  Ollie leads a hard life of lounging around all day.  This is his normal position.

iPhone pics 1-23 009

I’ll be shocked if this actually posts, but we’ll see!  I have a few blogs started on the desktop, but I have no clue when I’ll actually get them posted since that thing is having big issues now.  This little netbook is too little to do much on, especially blog.  Plus all my pictures are on our desktop!  I hope it all magically starts working soon!

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