Monday, January 24, 2011

Abbie at 20 months

If I didn’t do these monthly updates on Abbie, I don’t think I’d remember a thing about her developmental rate later on.  I already can’t remember what she was doing at a year old, and that was only 8 months ago!

She’s still as strong-willed as ever.  I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s probably not ever going to change, and I’m okay with that.  She’s talking in short sentences now, and when I ask her questions she’s starting to give me answers instead of repeating the question.  She counts to 2 on a regular basis, and has started counting to 3.  She knows 4-5 shapes, and she calls everything she sees “red” when you ask her what color it is.  (Which is odd, because a month ago everything was blue.  Now it’s all red apparently.)  She says pretty much anything I do.  The other day I said “Buongiorno” (Good Morning) to my neighbor while Abbie was in the car, and for 3 days after that, every time we pulled out of the garage she’d be back there saying “Buongiorno!  Buongiorno!”.  I drove on base last week and said “Gracias! Ciao!” (Thanks! Bye!) to the Italian gate guard and every time we go through the gate she says “Gracias!  Ciao!” now.  It’s pretty funny.IMG_5925

I thought I would be able to get her that kitchen set and have her play with it and give me some free time while she was awake.  Wrong.  Mostly she just likes to watch me play with it, so that plan kind of backfired on me.  She loves reading her books, playing with her dolls, and playing tea party.  She is incessantly asking to “shnuggle”, but she’ll sit on your lap for about .0038 seconds before she’s off doing something else.  I have to admit, these times when Mark is gone for extended periods of time, I find myself counting down the minutes until her nap or bedtime quite often.


She’s been opening our front door by herself a lot lately, so I have to make sure it’s locked at all times.  She only wants to go up or down stairs by herself and she does a pretty good job of doing stairs by herself.  She’s still a pretty good eater most of the time, although I, for the LIFE of me, cannot figure out how to get her to quit throwing her food everywhere.  She just randomly throws food all over the kitchen, whether the dogs are inside or not, no matter what she’s eating.  I don’t know how to punish her when she does that because I feel like she’s still a little young to take the food away completely and not let her eat anymore.  ???


She seems to be growing up so fast and it seems like she’s changed so much in just the past few weeks!  I need to start taking more pictures of her.

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