Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 2nd pair of boots.

I really love my first pair of boots that I got last month.  I love them.  If I could wear them every day, I would.  I had ordered a 2nd pair of boots last month because that was Mark’s Christmas gift to me.  I’m not sure why, but I ordered a size 11 thinking they were going to run small, but when I got them they were WAY too big.  (I normally wear a size 9.5.)  I could take them off without unzipping them they were so big.  So I returned them and didn’t order another pair in a smaller size because I was unsure of them. 

Last week I was doing my daily browsing on Amazon.com and came across a pair of Teva boots that I loved.  I kind of bought them on a whim.  They had them in my size and the color I wanted and I took that as a sign from God that they were meant to be mine.  PLUS they were $83 instead of $140…

I got them today, and I LOVE them!!!  Love, love, LOVE them!  They fit perfectly, I love the color, and the leather is really, really soft.  Plus they look great under jeans or over them!  I’m so stinkin’ excited!!!


This picture is more of what the true color is.  I’m not sure why they look so dark in the first picture.


Anyway, I love them!  Plus I got a package from my friend, Billie, and she sent me a cute white shirt from Kohl’s that I wore yesterday and a green Old Navy fleece that I’m wearing right now!  I was really excited to get an unexpected package and it means so much to me that she was thinking of me when she was out and about.  I can feel the love from across the ocean for sure!


Last week I also got a package from my mom that had this purse in it, from my sister, along with thread my mom got me for my quilting.  It had a BUNCH of other stuff in it, as packages from my mom usually do.  I’m very lucky to have friends and family that think about me and send me things on a regular basis.  It truly makes my day week when I get things in the mail from people!  It’s just like Christmas!!  Thank you!!!

PS:  Those of you who send me letters and postcards – I LOVE getting those also, so thank you for taking the time to write to me.  I really means a lot to me and I love writing you back!

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Fledgling Techie said...

Those boots look awesome! I need a good pair of boots! (It SNOWS up here in Germany! LOL) I may need to look into that brand...thanks for sharing that!