Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fill-in

  1. If you were given $1,000 right now, how would you spend it?

On clothes, for sure.  For me and for Mark.  Abbie already has way too many clothes, but I can’t help buying her cute things when I see them.

  1. If you had to choose a movie title (a real one that already exists) for your life story, what would it be?

I hate these type of questions.  I’d have to spend 20 mins trying to think of movie titles or spend time looking up movie titles online. 

  1. If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?

Maybe English, or sociology or psychology.

  1. Has being a MilSpouse changed how you view holidays or how your holidays are celebrated? If so, how? If not, what hasn’t changed?

Yeah, it has.  I always took for granted the time I got to spend with my family every holiday.  Now I have a much broader perspective on it and highly respect people that spend the holidays (and birthdays and anniversaries and kids’ births and deaths, etc) away from their loved ones.

  1. What is your favorite Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) memory?

Just being together as a family and opening presents with everyone.  I don’t know if I have one specific memory that stands out, besides going to cut down a Christmas tree with my family one year.  That was a lot of fun!

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