Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quilting project #2

Admittedly, I don’t know much about quilting, besides the fact that I love it.  I’ve made one quilt top, but I still have to put the entire quilt together and then do the actual “quilting” part of it.  All that sounds hard, and I’ll need Mark’s help (or SOMEONE’S help) to do it, so project #1 is on hold at the moment.

I got the supplies for project #2 before I left the States.  Actually, I got enough fabric for project #2-5, and then my mom sent me fabric that matches her living room so I can make her a quilt too, but I want to get better before I attempt a “gift quilt”.  I’ve been staring at them since I got here and this past week I got all my supplies out and figured out which quilt pattern I wanted to do and spent HOURS cutting fabric.  And I’m still not done.  But that’s half the fun and cutting the fabric is relaxing for me.

Here’s the fabric I’ll be using for my next quilt.


I bought the bottom 3 pieces of fabric at Joann’s before I left, but the squares on top is fabric designed by Me and My Sister Designs.  I absolutely LOVE the patterns and the fabric these two ladies create.  The colors are so bright and vibrant, and it just makes me happy very time I look at them.  Here’s a better shot of the squares. IMG_9813

The white fabric actually has little sparkles on it, and that’s what I’ve spent the majority of my time cutting up.  You can kinda see the sparkles here. IMG_9816

I’m using a pattern designed by Me and My Sister Designs called Confetti.  It’s not currently on their website, but you can get a great feeling for how happy and playful their quilts are by looking at their patterns.   I just love them.  I follow their blog and won a give away from them and have gotten a few emails from Barb.  Someday I would like to meet them, but they live in Phoenix, so I might have missed my chance.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to cutting my fabric.  It’s 10:30pm already and I’ve been up until 1-2am every night this week working on quilting stuff or talking to Mark or friends and I’m getting sick on top of it all.

Oh, and here’s a picture of my trusty side-kick, Sadie, who’s always up here keeping me company.  (That’s Abbie’s elephant that she’s laying on.)


OH!!!  And I think I finally found a fabric store here!!  It only took me 5 months!  SOOO excited!

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Anonymous said...

You need to show me how to sew! Do you know how to sew with patterns? Please help! I can't wait to see the finished project!