Sunday, August 1, 2010

Prague plans

Well I reserved our lodging for Prague yesterday.  I’m trying to redeem myself from my huge screw up in Zurich…  We decided to go the apartment route vs. a hotel room for a few reasons.  1.  Abbie (and we) will sleep MUCH better if we aren’t sharing a room.  2.  It has a kitchen and cooking utensils so we won’t have to eat out.  3.  All things, considered it’s cheaper.

So I found a bunch of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments to rent, but since it’s peak travel season over here, they were anywhere from 89E – 119E per night, which is like $110 - $140 per night.  I emailed TONS of places, probably around 30, asking for their availability, and how many rooms they have, if they have a bathtub, cable, wifi, that sort of stuff.  I finally found one that we liked, but it was 119E per night.  So I emailed them and told them we didn’t want to spend more than $90/night so she dropped the price to 69E/night for me!!  So now instead of it costing 714E for 6 nights, it’s costing us 414E!!  So basically that’s saving us almost $400!!  I’m so happy I asked.  Hopefully the apartment will work out well and Abbie will do okay.  We’re going to take her pack n play for her to sleep in since we’re driving up there, so she should do okay in that, especially if she has her own room.

My parents left this afternoon.  They took the train back to Milan and it was only like 40E per person from Sacile to Venice and then Venice to Milan.  They fly out tomorrow at 10am.  It kinda sucked to have them leave a day early, but I’m glad I didn’t have to drive back from Milan by myself with Abbie, or spend a night in a hotel room with her.  That’s not very fun.

So now we’re on our own waiting for daddy to return.

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Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

I am so excited to see your Prague pictures! John went once on a missions trip and says it is his favorite place!!!