Saturday, July 31, 2010

“On the road again…”

IMG_8804For some reason that song pops into my head at times, except I say “All alone again”, instead of the “on the road again”.  So yeah, Mark’s gone again.  He was supposed to come home in 2 weeks, but the cargo plane bringing them back here backed out so now they have to stay an extra 3 days.  Yay.  Some of the guys, the ones flying the jets back, get to come back on time, but the ones taking the cargo plane back get to wait 3 more days.  Pretty much sucks.  It’s bad enough that he’s gone for 2 weeks, but when there’s absolutely no reason for him to be there for an extra 3 days, it slightly, okay, REALLY annoys me.  The AF acts like they only have 1 fricken cargo plane!  They have hundreds of the stupid things.  So instead of getting a plane up there to bring everyone home, they’d rather pay for 150+ people to spend 3 more nights there.  Gotta love the logistics of the AF at times.   Grr…
Abbie has been extra screamy lately, which wears me out.  She’s getting pretty good at walking by herself now, so naturally, that’s all she wants to do.  Try to put her in the cart in the grocery store and it’s a full-on battle.  Screaming, tears, kicking.  *sighs*  Two and a half weeks seems like a REALLY long time right now.
And when the guys finally do get back, Mark will have to work later than he normally does.  During our usual routine, I obviously deal with Abbie all day while Mark is at work, but Mark usually gives her her bath, and he gives her her night bottle and puts her to bed.  Those 20-30 mins that he has her are very nice for me.  I don’t find myself counting the minutes down to her bed time as much when her daddy is here to help out.  But he’s gone now, and then it’s a while of working late so he won’t be home to do her night time routine, and the another TDY.  So between now and NOVEMBER he’ll get to do her night routine for maybe a week.  Ugh.  That wears me out just thinking about it.
But on a positive note, we’re going to Prague in August for a week.  Mark’s been there before but I haven’t so I’m SUPER excited to see that.  We’re going to drive, and it’s about a 8.5 hour drive.  So researching everything there is to do in Prague should keep me occupied while Mark is gone.


Unknown said...

I don't know if I'm qualified to give advice on kids since I don't have any, but here's something I've noticed. Since Abbie loves walking now, when you go to the grocery store you could let her help you push the cart. Or when you go for a walk and she doesn't want in her stroller, let her help push that too. That always seemed to make my nephews happy, so maybe it will work for you!

Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

Hey now! Leave the cargo planes alone! They are busy enough!! ;) But seriously, even within the cargo community it doesn't make any sense AT ALL!! They take planes to various locations to pick up and drop off and due to crew rest rules they have to let other crews take their planes to the final destinations and then just sit wherever they are for days waiting ..... until someone decides they have more work for them or send them home. Seriously??? URGH! So I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

I took lilly shopping at the mall for crazy days and she absolutely fefused to sit in her stroller she either wanted to walk or push the stroller. And lisa letting them push the stroller is more exhausting then letting them walk! U have to hold them so they can push and u have to direct the darn thing lol :-)