Thursday, August 12, 2010

Letters and dogs.

As many of you know, I am a huge letter writer.  I spend quite a bit of time writing letters to friends and family, and uploading pictures on the internet to print off so I can send pictures in my letters, and organizing all the pictures into neat envelopes for the family I usually send them to etc.  I try to keep the people that care even more updated on Abbie and us than I do on this blog.  I don’t expect people to write back, but if they do, great!  I LOVE getting mail.

Recently, Mark got a letter in the mail from someone in his family.  It was just a card saying that they loved him and missed him and they sent him a few pictures.  It was addressed to him only and written to him only.  I have to admit, this really hurt my feelings.  I am the one that sends out all the birthday cards and anniversary cards and get well cards.  Half the time Mark doesn’t even sign them because he’s too busy, which is fine.  I don’t mind doing that.  But if people ARE actually going to write, it’s a completely slap in the face when they write to him only and don’t even include me, when I’m the one that writes to them and sends them pictures.  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion, but it makes me just not want to write to them anymore since apparently they only care about Mark.

I’m also dog-sitting right now, for a black lab.  He’s a nice dog, but he’s a puppy still, even though he’s about 70lbs or more.  I have to keep him outside because he’s a little too wild to be inside around Abbie.  He doesn’t realize how big he is and he always wants to play.  I felt bad for leaving him outside during the day (I bring him in at night) so I got him a huge bone to chew on.  He’d already chewed up half of Abbie’s outdoor toys, so I brought the rest of those in and gave him tennis balls and bones to chew on.  Well he proceeded to dig up half of my garden in order to bury the bone I got him.  Grrr!!!  Then he dug up my beautiful bougainvillea plant that my mom and I had just planted while she was here, twice!  So now it’s completely destroyed and I’ll have to pull the vines out of my fence and go spend another 20E on a plant.  That one was really pretty though.  It was a gorgeous pink and it had the most blooms out of any of them.  Oh well.

Yesterday was not a good day, but today is going much better!


Em said...

Oh, yeah, lab puppies are C-R-AZY!. He needs exercise. And a lot of it. So, load up Abbie in the carrier or the stroller and take him for a nice, long walk. I'm guessing it'll do all of you some good. Then do it again later. And tomorrow. Sorry about your plants, though. Our lab, though crazy, was never a digger.

Oh, and I would feel a little hurt to be excluded from the letter, too. I don't know if it was a close family memeber, or not, but perhaps it's just someone who hasn't spent a lot of time with you so feels if they just write to Mark, then Mark will pass along the relevant information.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sucky about your flower =( Naughty pup!! And u were being all nice by getting him a bone! I am dogsitting a german shepard mix next weekend, whos almost 1. Hope i don't have that problem!! But you are right, TODAY will be better!! And just so you know your letter writing always impresses me and amazes me how organized and thoughtful u are, and i love getting letters too! Just wish i was a little better at writing back! MISS U!- Rachel

Anonymous said...

Per our conversation yesterday I am 100% sure
they didn't exclude your name from the envelope
to make you feel that way. As for the pictures they
just wanted Mark to see the change that has taken
place since he grew up down there. They are
having a hard time right now I can't imagine being
in their shoes can you. God Bless them and help
them through this difficult time. We love all of you.
Love Donna