Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fill-in

Is it really already Friday again?  Crazy!!

Here are this weeks questions.

  • What is ONE thing you’d like civilians to understand about being a military family?
  • I think this is a hard question because I don’t think anyone could ever fully understand what it’s like being a military family, unless they are in one themselves.  That’s like trying to get someone who doesn’t have kids understand what it’s like to be a parent.  You can talk to someone about something until you’re blue in the face, and still never get them to fully understand what you’re trying to portray.

    I guess if I had to pick one thing, it would be all the sacrifice that’s involved.  The military members sacrifice a lot – being away from home, missing family, living in not the best conditions sometimes, etc.  Family members sacrifice a lot too.  Besides the obvious spending time with the military member, we move all over creation, away from our friends and family, give up jobs we love, sell animals that are too big and expensive to move around with us, etc.  And I think all too often people forget about the children involved in the military and how separations affect them and how moving all over affects them.  These little people can’t speak for themselves and often don’t understand why daddy is gone so much, and it’s just hard.

  • What is your favorite mistake?
  • Getting a degree in business management.  That in itself wasn’t really a mistake, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life so I majored in that thinking I could combine it with just about any other degree I would get.  I eventually figured out I wanted to be a nurse, so I went back to school and that’s when I met Mark.  If I had majored in nursing the first time around I never would have met Mark.

  • What indulgence could you give up for a year?
  • Hobby Lobby was a HUGE indulgence for me, and I’m giving that up for a year, even if it’s not exactly willingly.  =)

    • If you could be a winged animal, what would you be?

    I guess I wouldn’t really care.  Not a penguin??  I’m not big on large bodies of water with big things with teeth trying to eat me.  So one that’s not typically in water.

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    Elsbit said...

    I LOVE Hobby Lobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!