Friday, March 19, 2010

End of the week.

Yesterday I got the autographed book from Me and My Sister Designs in the mail.  I'm pretty darn excited about it.  But, since the packers are here, I had to put it with the stuff that they're taking today so hopefully it'll be in Italy in 3 weeks.  I know I've said this before, but seriously, if they lose all our stuff, I'm going to cry.  Especially all my new quilting stuff.  I'm so excited to get started with my new hobby, it stinks that I have to pack it all up right now.  Oh well.  I suppose it'll be fun to quilt in Italy.  =)
My other good news is that I won a giveaway!!!  I'm so excited about it!  I won a jelly roll from Breath of Avignon by American Jane and 2 yards of coordinating fabric from Jaybird Quilts!  I posted on my facebook status yesterday that I was headed to Joann's to get a few more quilting supplies and a girl that is currently in Italy said something along the lines of "enjoy it while you can because there aren't stores like that over here".  I've been spending WAY too much money on quilting supplies lately, but I am afraid that I'm going to have very limited access to fabric once we get to Italy.  Even if they do have fabric shops over there, I'll have to pay for it in Euros, which automatically makes it half again as much as fabric in dollars.  Luckily I've been finding fabric shops online that ship to APO addresses.  Yay!
Yesterday at Joann's I got the rest of my fabric for my 2nd quilt, plus the batting, and then fabric to make Abbie 2 pillow cases, and quilting safety pins and thread and a thread rack.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of it, so I'll have to show it to you after we get to Italy.
Tomorrow we are heading to the Davis-Monthon air show near Tucson.  We’re pretty excited about that.  A guy that used to be in Mark’s squadron is now a Thunderbird, and he’s flying his first show tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also Abbie’s 10 month birthday.  I can’t believe she is 10 months old already! 
I was going to post a few pictures today but unfortunately Mark already took them off the camera and put them onto our desktop, which is now packed.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow though.  Sorry my posts have been so boring lately.  I’ll post pictures soon!

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