Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Many moves.

So this is our fifth move in 5 years, but compared to all the other ones, this one seems much more difficult.  I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that it’s an overseas move or that we have a baby (and all her junk) to deal with this time, but it’s much more stressful.  I guess all the other moves have just been one move, and this one is actually 3 moves.  With the other moves, we’ve just had to decide what we wanted to take with us in our cars, and we were never without our stuff more than a week.  The move to Italy is quite a bit different.  We need to decide what we want/need to take in our luggage with us, what we want to put into storage for 3 years, what we can handle being without for 2 months, and what we think will hold us over until all our other stuff gets there.  It’s kind of complicated and we don’t really even know where to start.
I’ve been going through the kitchen trying to pick out stuff to put in our express (3 week – if we’re lucky) shipment.  Surprisingly, it’s Abbie’s stuff that’s the hardest to decide about.  The kitchen stuff was easy, the bathroom/bedroom stuff is fairly easy, the desktop computer, tv, bikes, trailer, all that stuff is easy to decide to send in the express shipment.  But Abbie’s stuff is different.  I think I’ve decided to pack all of her 12 mos clothes and bring it with us in our luggage.  We’re going to send her crib in the express shipment, along with some of her books and some of her toys.  The rest of her books and toys we’re either going to take in our luggage or mail it to ourselves so we have them as soon as we get to Italy.  (That’s another twist, we can’t get our express shipment until we have a house for them to deliver it to.  So even if it does get there in 3 weeks, we don’t get it until we move into a house.)  I bought a new shower curtain today so we have that when we get a house, and put a curtain rod in with our express shipment pile today.  I am just praying to God that they don’t lose all our stuff in any of the shipments.  Mark’s been busy today videotaping all of it so we know what we have and that everything (electronics) work.  Thank God the military does all the dirty work with all these moves.  If I had to pack and load and unload all our stuff myself during every move, I wouldn’t enjoy moving half as much.  I unpack most of it myself, although I usually point the movers to the rooms that I want the boxes going in, so it’s relatively easy.  (Except for last time when I was 34 weeks pregnant, but luckily my mom and Mark’s mom helped out a ton.  And I’m not pregnant this time, so that helps a lot.)
I’m going to cry when they pack up our desktop computer.  This little laptop is alright, but it is SOO slow sometimes and it’s hard to do any work on it.  Hopefully we won’t be without the desktop for too long.
On a side note, we’re having a landscaping company come tomorrow to clean up our yard.  The weeds are outrageous right now!  Apparently AZ has gotten more rain this year than they have in a long time and it doesn’t look like a desert anymore because of all the green.  When we moved into this house, it took us a good few months to get the lawn green and grass growing.  We haven’t watered the lawn since November and it’s growing like crazy, along with all the weeds in the rocks.  (Most AZ landscaping includes a yard consisting of mostly rocks.  It is a HUGE pain in the butt keeping weeds from growing in those rocks, especially with all the rain we’ve gotten lately.)  So hopefully the guy can work wonders on the lawn tomorrow!
That’s all for now!

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Teresa said...

Hi I just stumbled onto your blog for the first time. I wanted to tell you that I have done this! We were in Japan for 4 years. When we moved back we had a 12 month old and a dog. It was fine. It went smoothly :) It just takes great planning.