Monday, March 15, 2010

Quilting excitement!

I have to admit.  I’m super excited about this quilting stuff.  If I didn’t have a baby to take care of and an overseas move to prepare for, I’d spend all my waking moments quilting.  But… since I do have a (very needy) baby and we are moving to Italy in less than 2 weeks, I unfortunately don’t have the time to do it right now.
But I’m still shopping for quilting stuff.  Saturday I went and picked up the batting and the backing for Abbie’s quilt, along with the thread and more supplies for my new machine.IMG_9610IMG_9617
Here’s a close up of the fabric I’m using for the backing for Abbie’s quilt.  It’s black with tiny purple flowers on it.  I think it’ll be really cute.  IMG_9612 And here’s the thread I picked up to quilt it together with.  It’s multicolored and I think it’ll look pretty neat!IMG_9614
Yesterday I went to Joann’s to get a few more quilting supplies.  I have no idea what will be available to me in Italy, so I’m trying to stock up on things now so I don’t have to pay for shipping later.  I got 15 fat quarters of fabric, a small rotary cutter, permanent fabric pens to sign and date my quilts, a new pin cushion, fabric pencils, and that heart thing in the middle is a magnetic pin holder.  I’ve discovered when I have my quilt pieces pinned together, as I’m sewing them together and pulling out the pins, I don’t have enough time to stick them in a pin cushion.  So I end up with a pile of them next to my machine, and they tend to roll everywhere.  With a baby that picks up everything and puts it all in her mouth, having pins on the floor is scary.  So the magnetic holder will keep them all together for me until I can stick them in the cushions. IMG_9616
And now for my most exciting news:  While I was at Joann’s, I was looking at quilt patterns.  I always gravitate towards quilt patterns made by “Me and My Sister Designs”.  They are fairly easy and very colorful and I love them.  But they’re $9 each.  I was thinking to myself how if they had a book of quilt patterns I’d buy it in a heartbeat, and lo’ and behold, on my last time past the books section at Joann’s, I found one of their books.  This book, to be  However, it was $25, which in comparison, is a great price since there are about 12 patterns in it.  Much cheaper than buying the patterns separately, but still, that’s a quarter of $100.  I decided to splurge, but when they rang it up, it was only $14.99!!  SCORE!  I practically skipped to the car.
As I was perusing through the book, I noticed the website for “Me and My Sister Designs”, and decided to check it out.   I’ve discovered that there are hundreds of quilting blogs and websites out there, and I’ve joined at least 20 in the past week.  Their website had a blog, so I checked that out.  They had an entry in there from last week saying that they’d be at an annual quilting show in Mesa, signing their books on Friday.  Last Friday.  Bummer!  So I commented on their blog about how I was so bummed that I missed it since Mesa is less than an hour from here and I would have loved to get a signed copy of their books.  And today they responded!!  They asked for my address and they’re sending me a signed copy of their first pattern book for free!  They’re just giving it to me!  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!  They said that they liked my comment about being a new quilter and they wanted to help me on my journey.  Isn’t that incredible?   They also design fabric for Moda, and it’s all really colorful and happy and I’m so excited to use some of their fabric for future quilts.  (The pattern on the front of their book is some of their fabric.  It’s all colorful like that.  I <3 it!)
I’m going to add a bar on my blog to put all the quilting blogs I’m following.  (Ashley, this might help you too!)  Lots of them give stuff away like fabric and quilting supplies and I’ve even seen one give away a sewing machine.  Pretty darn neat!  I just entered a drawing for fabric at
Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement with you all.  I’m SO tempted to put my sewing machine in the fast shipment to Italy.  If we have room, I might!

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I just found you through Jaybird. Congrats on your win!