Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Climbing, books and waves

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Our little girl is just bucket loads of fun.  We’ve been working on waving with her lately and today when Mark was standing at the door ready to leave, she waved bye bye to him all by herself.  We didn’t tell her to wave or wave at her or anything.  It was just too cute and Mark almost didn’t leave after that because he wanted to stay and play with her.
Today she climbed 2 stairs all by herself.  We didn’t touch her once and she was completely on the 2nd step, ready to try for the 3rd.  (I was ahead of her on the stairs and Mark was behind her.)  Time to put a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs.
Last night Mark and I were watching “Up” before Abbie went to bed.  She normally doesn’t pay any attention to the TV but it was like she knew that it was a kids show and she was completely captivated by it. IMG_9312
She sat there and stared at the TV for a while and then decided to sit up and watch. IMG_9318
And then, as she always does, she whipped that little pointer finger out and had to point at it for a while, while making her cute little sounds. IMG_9321
She doesn’t let you sit her on her butt anymore if you try to put her down.  She’ll get her feet under her no matter how much effort it takes.
Abbie is completely fascinated by books.  During this photo shoot, she sat there for a good 20 mins and flipped through all her books, touching all the different pages.  Her little ET finger touches everything, and it’s so cute to watch her sit there so intently and concentrate.  We hope that she loves books as much as we do as she gets older.
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She is beautiful and those are some great pictures!!