Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go figure…

Admittedly, I’m not the most patient person on earth.  So this waiting around for orders thing is getting increasingly more difficult.
The latest news, the damn base email has been down for the past 3 days, and Mark will receive his PRP approval by email.  So he could be approved for orders and we have no way of knowing.  PERFECT timing..  To add salt to the wounds, the idiot lady on base that is in charge of passports and visas is taking leave Thurs – Tuesday.  How convenient.  So our passports will most likely be there on Thursday, along with our orders, and she won’t be around to do anything with them until Tuesday.  Nice.
Mark was able to get us on another rotator for March 15 (a Monday).  They had 3 human spots open up on it, and still had 3 canine spots available, so we switched.  Everyone has been telling us to fly commercially, but because of the dogs, we’re more comfortable flying on the military rotator.  We can take a direct flight from LA to Baltimore, have a long layover there where we’ll have to dogs with us in between, and then have a direct flight from Baltimore to Aviano.  Just a better situation.  The only downside is that the only available direct flight from LA to Baltimore was a red-eye flight on Sunday.  It leaves LA at like 10:30pm and gets to Baltimore around 4am.  Our flight from Baltimore to Aviano doesn’t leave until 10:30pm on Monday.  And spending 18 hours in an airport with an almost 10 month old and 2 dogs isn’t my idea of fun, but at this rate, it won’t happen anyway because we won’t have our visas.
This entire situation is aggravating and it’s getting increasingly more so.  If you could say a prayer that we get orders and the passports TOMORROW that would be great.    Thanks.

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