Friday, March 26, 2010

Abbie’s 2nd time at the Pacific Ocean

Abbie is a lot of fun right now.  She loves to play, which is adorable.  When we were in Phoenix, Mark would crawl around our coffee table with her and she’d chase him and then he’d chase her, and she’d laugh and he’d laugh and she’d squeal with delight.  I absolutely love watching the 2 of them interact.  You can tell they have a special bond.  She doesn’t suck on just anyone’s nose….IMG_4809 IMG_4807 We haven’t figured out why exactly she does that, but it’s hilarious…  And I don’t know what’s more funny, the fact that she does it or Mark’s face when she does it.  HAHA!  Cracks me up!

Anyway, some of you might remember the first time Abbie was at the beach.  She was 6 weeks old.  This time she loved looking at the birds and watching the waves and she was just pointing at everything.  It was really cute, and we got some pictures, despite my camera battery dying.  Bummer.IMG_4814 Family picture, even though the weinas are facing the wrong direction.IMG_4816 IMG_4817 IMG_4822 We ate at the Reel Inn on the Pacific Coast Highway tonight.  It reminded me of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  GREAT food, but very casual dining atmosphere.  We shared shrimp scampi and fried zucchini.  It was fun and I wish my camera hadn’t died.  Oh well.

Tomorrow we’re spending the day with Brittany and Michael.  They’re driving down from Travis AFB to spend the day with us and we’re pretty excited.  They’ll be meeting Abbie for the first time.  We haven’t seen them in close to 2 years, but Mike and Mark were in the same UPT class.  I think we’re going to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific and hang out by the beach and then maybe take Abbie to her first hibachi restaurant tomorrow night.  Hopefully Abbie handles an entire day out and about well.  We’ll see.

I doubt I’ll have time to write tomorrow or Sunday, so I guess my next blog will be coming to you from Italy!  That is so hard to believe.  I still can’t believe we’re actually going to be in Italy in 72 hours!


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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a busy few day!! Sounds like you have everything basically under control though, just like i thought u would! i cannot believe u are going to be in Italy in 72 hours. And here i had it in my head that i would send you mail so it could be waiting for u when u get there! Guess mail is not that fast! Hopefully it wont take TOO long though! I will miss you even more now that u r farther away!!- Rachel