Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the first time…

My in-laws are coming to visit on Wednesday (Mark’s younger brother, Alex, and his parents) and for the first time ever I think, I’m 100% excited about this visit and 0% nervous.

Recently we’ve (mostly me) worked through some issues Mark and I have had with dealing with his family.  Which is silly really since it’s not like his family is hard to “deal” with anyway.  It’s just challenging to feel like a part of a family when you see them twice a year at the most, and have lived at least 12 hours (currently 26 hours)away from them since you’ve been married.  AND I’m the type of person that over-analyzes EVERYTHING, which is a bad combination.

Anyway, Mark brought to his parents attention this past week some of what we’ve been going through and how I’ve been feeling , and it truly does feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  They know the whole story now and we’ve talked about it and it’s all out in the open, and even though nothings really changed, everything’s changed.

I’ve seen just in this past week how both of Mark’s parents have made an effort to try to “fix” things, that weren’t really “broken” in the first place, just misunderstood, and I truly appreciate that.

Donna and Brent, I truly am excited about your visit this week and I can’t wait to spend some time with you all before we head off to Italy. (You too Alex!) I hear horror stories people tell about their in-laws, and I realize how lucky I am to have you both as my second parents.  You are two of the kindest people I know and I know you would do anything in your power to make Mark, Abbie and ME happy.  I’m sorry this past week upset you, I know that wasn’t Mark’s, nor my, intentions.  But I am excited to move forward with you both and build a stronger relationship, even if we will be living on different continents soon.

Have a safe trip here and we’ll be waiting for you at the airport.  I am so excited!

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Donna said...

I am excited also. Thanks for the kind words.
We will see you Wednesday. Love You