Sunday, January 31, 2010

So close!

It feels like for the past few weeks I’ve been telling everyone Abbie is SO CLOSE to crawling, and she is, but she still hasn’t.  Now she’ll get into the crawling position and stretch ALL the way out as far as she can without falling on her belly, and then can get back into the sitting position.  Her reach radius has vastly improved in the past week. 

She also has been pulling herself up on her knees by herself.  If you help her into a kneeling position, she can balance on her knees by herself for a while.  Pretty cute!

Tonight Mark and I were folding clothes and she was sitting on the floor playing.  She fell over backwards (landed on her blanket – wasn’t hurt), and I went back to folding my clothes because she usually just rolls over on her belly and plays and then screams when she’s ready to sit up again.  However, the next time I looked at her, she was sitting up again!  I’m not exactly sure how she did it, but somehow she sat up by herself.  Next time I’m going to watch her.

So we went back to folding clothes and the next time I looked at her she was pulling herself up on the coffee table and she was on her feet!  Granted, she wasn’t standing all the way up on her feet, she was in the splits position (legs straight out to the sides), but her butt was at least 6 inches off the ground and she was hanging on for dear life!  It was really cute!  She pulled herself up to her knees a few times and I’m quickly learning to keep all things away from the edges of the coffee table, unless it’s okay for her to have it.

I’m sure she’ll learn to crawl just in time for us to get on our 9+ hour flight to Italy and she won’t want to sit still for the entire flight.  Yay.  =)

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