Sunday, October 18, 2009

Worries of a new mom

IMG_9616I am scared to death that Abbie is going to get the flu (particularly H1N1) this year. Babies can’t get the flu vaccine until they’re at least 6 months old anyway, and we still have a month until then, but I’m not sure I want her getting the flu shot then anyway. I definitely don’t want her to get the swine flu shot because it’s just too new in my opinion and no one knows the long term affects of it yet. I don’t want to subject her to something that isn't tested and proven long term. I think I am going to get the flu shot once it’s available and hopefully I’ll pass some of the antibodies to her through breast milk. What are you other mom’s doing or what are your thoughts on the flu vaccines?

I am worried that we’re going to be exposed to lots of germs on our plane ride to Denver for my cousin’s wedding in two weeks. I’m sure there will be lots of family holding her then, which means she has a much higher chance of getting sick than when it’s just Mark and me holding her all the time. I’m worried when his family comes here in December that it’s going to be right in the heart of flu season and again, she’ll be in frequent contact with five more people than she normally is. A warning to our families – if I’m totally anal about you all using hand sanitizer before you touch her and as soon as you come into the house and every 10 mins when we’re out and about, please don’t take it personally. It’s nothing against you, I’m just trying to protect my baby. Mark and I use hand sanitizer like it’s going out of style right now. We’ve gone through half of a large bottle of it already this month. I read somewhere (in a magazine I think) that washing your hands 10+ times a day is more effective in fighting off the flu than getting the flu shot. I think we probably use hand sanitizer and wash our hands over 30 times a day at least… Better safe than sorry.

I just printed off more pictures of Abbie over the weekend and put them in her album. (We’re on our 4th album of pictures of her…) I was looking back at her first album and I just sat there and cried. My baby is getting so big! She’s not anything like she was 5 months ago! See for yourself…

IMG_4176 IMG_8405


IMG_5397IMG_9653 - Copy

In all honesty, this is the picture that made me cry. This is when we were taking her home from the hospital.IMG_5351

Now her feet hang off the end of her car seat when she straightens them and I’ve moved that piece behind her head up to the highest spot. Now she’s big enough to ride in her stroller.IMG_9722

It truly seems like this moment was just yesterday.IMG_5102 She’s going to be all grown up before we know it!

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way when I see a picture of Cam and Miles when they were younger! That feeling doesnt ever go away...the one like it was just yesterday... I especially felt like that at Cams PTC the other night. Seeing his progress and hearing his teacher rave about how bright he is made me so proud! You have so much to look forward to in the future! She is beautiful Mon!