Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mark

Yesterday was Mark's 28th birthday. Abbie and I got him Weber's spices for grilling, new underwear and a F-16 stunt kite. I got the idea when we went to San Diego and the commanders wife was talking about taking the kites and doing BFM (basic fighter maneuvers) on the beach. I'm sure Abbie will have fun flying it with him... if we can figure it out.

We also made him a cake. I made it all from scratch (except for the blue frosting) and Abbie napped long enough for me to get it all done, hence the "we". However, par for the course, it didn't turn out the best. For whatever reason, the cakes both have a rubbery texture where it touched the pans. Mark and I laughed until we cried about it though. He was saying it was really good, just kinda.... rubbery. HAHAHA!! I got to doing the "ugly face" laugh, where your face is all contorted from laughing so hard and you can't even breathe, let alone talk so you just let out these little squeaks. And then we'd finally calmed down about that he said "And it's really weird. There are TWO layers of rubber. How'd it get in the middle of the cake?" Well that set me off again and it was a good 2 minutes of laughing hysterically before I could explain that I used two cake pans and then put the cakes on top of each other to make the cake. Anyway, it's pretty, but it's kinda... rubbery.

My friend Gail also came over and we painted these letters for Abbie's room. I'm going to get ribbon to connect them all. I thought they turned out pretty well.
Our little Abbie is getting more and more fun every day. We finally figured out how to capture her grins on camera. She's been grinning up a storm for the past 2 weeks, but every time we put a camera in her face, she becomes enamoured with the camera and forgets that we're even around. But recently I discovered that she LOVES to play airplane. Hold her up above your head and it's a sure-fire way to get her to grin. And she's too funny because she hasn't figured out how to bend at the waist when she's in the air, so she's stiff as a little board when you hold her up. Too cute!
Cute as a bug's ear!
She really likes her bumbo now too. And she's getting really good at reaching out and grabbing her toys. (And if she can get those toys into her mouth, that's all the better in her book. This one is suction-cupped to the tray though.)
"What are you lookin' at?"

Happy Labor Day weekend!!


Em said...

Monica, that photo of Mark kissing Abbie as her "airplanes" her is darling.

Sierra is getting more teeth -- ugh. Last night she slept well, but the night before that was filled with the "ow" cry. The one where she sounds like she's saying "AAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWW!" Poor dear. (poor us!) ;-)

I am closer and closer to pulling the trigger on coming to Phoenix in January!

Jackie said...

Your little Abbie just gets cuter and cuter!!! She is such a doll! I can't help but laugh at the cake story, I have definitely been there done that :) Miss you lots!

Brian and Erika said...

Monica, I can't believe how much she is changing. She is one sweet little girl. Sounds like you guys had fun for Mark's Bday! We miss you.