Saturday, April 25, 2009

A few house pictures

Here are a few pictures of our house. Naturally, they're in backwards order since I ALWAYS forget that blogger posts them opposite of how you select them. Oops. But you'll get the general idea anyway.

Here's the guest bedroom.

View of the living room from upstairs

My crap, I mean, craft closet, off of the study/ 2nd guest bedroom

Study/ 2nd guest bedroom - that's our new sleeper sofa couch!

Half of our master walk-in closet

Master bathroom (it didn't look this messy when I was taking the pictures, but I guess it was... oops!) Door on the left is a linen closet, door on the right is the toilet.

Master bedroom (view from master bath)

Master bedroom again (view from doorway)

Guest bathroom upstairs

Backyard (The weinas are hilarious bc they think the bricks are their little sidewalk and they pretty much only walk on the bricks unless they're in the yard going potty. Too funny!)

View of the neighborhood at sunset.

Front of the house (and my mom and Sadie)

So that's most of the house. I still haven't taken pictures of the den/dining room/ kitchen bc that's where most of our junk is still laying around. We don't have many pictures up yet either, but we're getting there. We finished the nursery at 11:30pm on Thursday, so I'll post pics of that next.


Em said...

Great, Monica. Thanks for the tour!

You can rearrange the order of the pictures if you want. Just click on the 'edit html' tab when you're composing a post. Each picture begins with a code "< a href ..." and ends with ".../a >

Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

The house looks good so far! Congrats for getting so settled so quickly while also being so preggo!! The story about your dogs in the backyard cracked me up!

PS- Your old shack, I mean house, is now occupied. They have the HUGEST dog ever!! But thankfully the dog, and the people for that matter, are really nice.

Tanya and Patrick McNally said...

What a cute house! How long are you guys in AZ?