Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby stuff

Here are some pictures of the baby's room and other things we got her.

South side of her room. (Ollie wanted to be in the picture too.)

View from the closet

View from the doorway. (We decided to forego a bedding set since we got so many hand made blankets for her at the shower.)

Her swing

In true Mark and Monica fashion, we had to try a few things out on the weina dogs....

He would have stayed like this all day. I'm fairly certain Ollie thinks this stuff is for him...

They both enjoyed a ride in the stroller around the kitchen. We'd take them for a stroll in the neighborhood, but we didn't want our neighbors to think we are weird.

They weren't in any hurry to get out of it, especially Ollie. He loved it!

Some of her clothes - Mark says she already has more than he does, which could be true..

The only things we really have left to get are a baby monitor and a breast pump. Other than that, I think we're set. The diaper bag I ordered for her should be here soon. I'm excited about my appt on Tuesday - hopefully I'll be even more dilated!


michelle lynn said...

WOW I can't believe how close you are!!! Where did you get your diaper bag from? So glad to see you having fun with your new toys! You guys will be such amazing parents! Sending you easy labor vibes ;)

Elsbit said...

OMG, I just adore Ollie in the baby carrier. If we are ever in Galena at the same time, I am so going to have to give him a hug!

Order your pump online-- avoid taxes and you can get it cheaper. I recommend Medela! Remember I was pumper extradonaire! ;)