Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday update.

It's kind of been a calm week this week. Not too much going on. I've been working a little more than normal to help them get caught up before I leave. Next Friday is my last day at work. I'll miss some of the people I work with, but I won't miss all the drama that goes on there. There's so much petty BS that goes on in there, and it's stressful since most of it is caused by one of the people on the management team, who's bad side you don't want to be on. It seriously feels like we're in high school again sometimes, and that gets really old, really quick. 6 more days, which equals 24 hrs of work, and I'm done.

One of my friends gave me a 30% of coupon to Old Navy this week. It's only good from today until Sunday, but it's reusable. Today I got $65 worth of stuff for $40. I LOVE Old Navy tank tops, and I got 2 maternity tanks and 2 regular tanks (in a size bigger) for $3.50 each! I'm pretty sure I'll live in them in the AZ heat. I did when we lived in FL. Mark said I could go back and get a few more if I wanted since they were so cheap, so we might go back on Saturday to get some more tanks for me and stuff for him too. And I got a cute maternity dress that should be cool (temperature-wise) to wear in AZ. And I got a pair of pajama pants. I pretty much live in pajama pants when I'm at home. Some of my maternity pants are getting tight again, and a lot of my pajama pants even are getting tight. So I bought these a size up and they fit well and are super comfortable.

The class ahead of Mark in IFF is supposed to graduate tomorrow. While they're probably still going to graduate, they're not going to be done completely and will have to finish up flights next week. The weather here hasn't been compatible with flying lately. (It snowed pretty much all day today, but none of it stuck. Rats.) Luckily Mark flew twice this week while the weather was good, so he has 10 flights to do, and he's down to 3 sims left, but it's not looking good since the class ahead is behind. He has 15 days of training left, including the day they're supposed to graduate, so it's still possible he'll be done, depending on the weather. They can't fly if they clouds are too low because they can't practice some of their maneuvers in clouds, or if it's too cold and there's precipitation in the air bc they run the risk of something freezing on the plane. It's supposed to be nice next week, so hopefully he can fly at least 4 times, and then he'll only have 6 flights left, which would be good. If they graduate on Friday instead of Wednesday, that would be okay because we could still get home by Saturday for our shower, we'd just have to come back to Enid for a day so Mark could out-process. But that would still be better than Mark not being able to go home at all. Please keep him getting done with training on time in your prayers. We'd really appreciate it.

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Brian and Erika said...

We had snow that stuck here! Not to brag or anything, but we can make snowmen:) I hope everything works out with Mark getting done in time or atleast getting home for the shower. Miss you!