Friday, March 13, 2009


The past two days, and even more so today, I have had REALLY bad pelvic pain. So I did some research and I've concluded I have this. (If you're getting this by email, you'll have to go to the actual blog to click on the hyperlink.) Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, also known as pelvic arthropathy. Pretty much all of the symptoms of SPD described on that website, I have. "Any activity that involves lifting one leg at a time or parting the legs tends to be particularly painful. Lifting the leg to put on clothes, getting out of a car, bending over, sitting down or getting up, walking up stairs, standing on one leg, lifting heavy objects, and walking in general tend to be difficult at times. Many women report that moving or turning over in bed is especially excruciating." <~~ Yeah... That... Thank God the toilet is literally 5-6 steps from my bed. Sometimes it takes me 30+ seconds to go those 5 steps when I get up in the middle of the night to pee because my pelvic area hurts so bad. Sometimes it takes me 15 seconds just to roll over in bed, let alone actually get out of bed. It seems to sometimes be worse than others also, which is weird. Earlier this week, I didn't have all that much pain, but for the past 2 days, it's gotten a LOT worse. I have an appt on Tuesday with my OB, but as that website says, some doctors don't think this is a true pregnancy symptom. Either way, it doesn't look like there's much they can do about it besides give you pain killers.

As we get closer to the move date, I'm getting a little more nervous about getting settled into our new house. We are SO excited about that house, but it's 2 story, which means it has stairs. Stairs and I don't get along very well now, or as the case is today, WALKING and I don't get along very well right now, let alone another month further into the pregnancy. I'm worried about getting everything situated in the house, and moving things up and down those stairs. Thank God my mom will be there. One of Mark's brothers was going to come down to help us get settled but he decided to come down after the baby is born instead. At the rate I've been moving today though, I guess he'll still be able to help us get settled then, because I won't have everything done by the time she's here or the time they visit. Mark's been laughing at me all day because I've been moving REALLY slow and I guess I've been walking funnier than my normal waddle also, but I can't help it! Every step hurts a LOT.

Mark ordered us a webcam and we got it today, so all of you on yahoo messenger and skype that have webcams, we do too now!

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Em said...

Mon, I had this. It was the reason I had to stop running MUCH earlier in my pregnancy than I had wanted (like 22 weeks). Sadly, you just have to stick it out as there's not much that can be done for it. Gentle yoga and swimming helped me.