Friday, March 6, 2009

Outlook not so good...

Last night was not a good one for me. Mark called me on the way home from work and told me that his flight, yet again, was cancelled for tomorrow. Two of his flights were cancelled last week and 2 of them were cancelled this week, so he only flew twice both weeks instead of 4 times. It's either the stupid jets breaking or people in his class hooking (failing) a ride and having to redo them the next day causing Mark to get bumped out of his flights. Essentially, he's been in IFF for a month and a half almost and he's done 7 flights. He has 17 work days left before he's supposed to graduate and 12 flights and 8 sims to do. There is pretty much no way he'll be done on time, especially if he keeps getting his flights cancelled. At this rate, he'll be lucky to be done by August. I'm really annoyed because he's supposed to be top priority in his class of 6 because his move date is the soonest (along with another guy) and I'm pregnant (which puts him at top priority). Yet there are 2-3 guys in his class who are 2 or more flights ahead of him.

So basically our plan of having them pack up our house on March 30-31 and leaving Enid by April 2nd to go home for our shower is not going to work at all. I'm thinking now that I'll drive home by myself on Wednesday, April 1st, and come back on Monday, April 6th, and have them pack us up sometime that week so we can HOPEFULLY leave Enid by that Friday and get to Phoenix on Sunday and have our stuff delivered in Phoenix on Monday, April 13. We'll have to get a hotel room for my mom since all of our junk will be packed while she's here and we only have 1 blow up mattress (which I'm not at all looking forward to sleeping on at 33 weeks pg, but we can't stay in the hotel on base bc they don't allow dogs).

My only hope for Mark being able to come to the shower is if he flies to Dubuque on Friday and then rides home with me on Monday in the car, but I'm not even sure that will work out. That would require him to take leave (vacation) and they were told at the very beginning they're not allowed to take leave during IFF. I don't know if his commander would allow him to take leave because they're not done on time or not, and he won't be able to ask until probably the week before, since he won't know how far behind he is until then. If he's too far behind he probably won't be able to leave at all, and he'll miss our shower. I'm kind of betting that's what's going to happen. Yay.

I am SO tired of the hurry up and wait mentality of the military. I am not at ALL good at just relaxing and waiting until the very last minute to know what's going to happen, especially when it involves me driving 12 hours by myself at 32 weeks pregnant. My pelvic bone has basically felt like it's going to fall out at any minute for the past few days and sends shooting pains to my hips and back every time I move, which I hear is normal. It's a long drive when you're not pregnant, but add pregnancy tiredness and being big as a house to the mix, and having to do it by yourself, it's just not a good combination.

In other good news, we got our lease yesterday and they're only asking for $2790 by March 15.... Our rent is supposed to be $1095/month, and on the ad I saw for it, it said there was a $1195 security deposit. I've always understood security deposits to be refundable. We get the lease and it has $895 as a security deposit, $200 as a non-refundable pet fee and $400 as a non-refundable redecorating fee?? It didn't say anything about a pet fee or redecorating fee in the ad I responded to, and either way, the deposits and fees add up to $1495, not $1195. I emailed the landlord about it yesterday, but I'm still waiting to hear from her. Kind of annoying.

I'm just tired of this emotional rollercoaster basically and all these pregnancy hormones aren't helping, I'm sure. One minute he's not going to be able to come, the next minute his commander is telling him not to worry and the next minute he's getting further behind. I don't like this. At all.


Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

So sorry you're having to deal with all this!! It's not quite the same but Jared got bumped out of flights this week so instead of checking today he's supposed to check Tuesday and they're tracking Wednesday...? Anyway! I understand the Military frustration!!! :) Hang in there, before you know it you guys will be in AZ. and I'll still be stuck here :) Let me know if I can do anything to help you guys out!!

Em said...

Oh, Monica! I'm SO SORRY that things don't seem to be working out you would like and how you were told they were going to go. How very, very frustrating! I was just going to email you to see what was going on with your baby shower because I got the invite today (don't think I'll make it!).

I looked this up:
Asana Yoga Studio
123 E. Broadway(Located in The Dancers Nook)
Enid, OK 73701
Phone: (580) 242-5659

Why don't you call and see if they have a pre-natal class. It could be a nice time to destress and focus on you and Abbie.

Anonymous said...

When we PCSed to Luke 2.5 years ago, we brought our cats with us to TLF. All I had to show were vet records they were up-to-date on shots. So, you might want to check again, I know not many bases are pet friendly, but Luke is!!! Or at least . . . was!