Friday, March 27, 2009

Last week in Enid (hopefully)

I feel like I've been busy all week, but haven't gotten much done. I mark one thing off my "to do" list, but then add three more to it, so I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. However, I have gotten quite a bit done. I just have one more utility to set up a shut off time for here, and 2 more to set up in AZ. I have a BUNCH of stuff separated out and set aside, that we want to move ourselves. The cats are up to date on their shots, and I got the dogs more heartworm pills. I made my friends sling last night (before my sewing machine started giving me problems again... Stupid thing!). I've thrown out some stuff in the freezer and fridge that I know we won't use. I've organized all the baby stuff and I have my packing lists ready. This weekend we just have to organize a little more and then get our suitcases packed up. I'm going to start taking inventory pictures today so that will be done too and maybe do some laundry. I really want to sew some more, bc last night put me in the sewing mood, but the machine was really frustrating me when it kept messing up, so I gave up. Maybe it just needed a break.

Mark didn't fly yesterday, because they cancelled flying due to the Special Olympics being on base, or today, due to weather. So he flew once this week. He has 7 rides and 2 sims left to complete (as do 2 other guys in his class), one guy has 5 rides left and 2 guys have 3 rides left. He heard a rumor that they're going to try to get them all done by next Friday, but I think there's a higher chance of me giving birth next friday than them being done. We'll see though. I just hope his graduation isn't on Friday because I'd be bummed if I missed it.

Not much more to report. Better get back to work!

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Em said...

I know how you feel about getting in the "sewing mood." That happens to me. I have to watch out, though ... since my time is limited, if the mood strikes, I end up staying up til midnight to finish a project and, well, the baby doesn't "sleep in" so I end up rather tired.