Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost funny

Mark was cancelled for the FOURTH day in a row today. It really is almost funny. In fact, when he tells me he's been cancelled now, I actually do laugh. He told me today that he'll just meet me in Phoenix and hopefully he'll be there by the time Abbie arrives (due date May 27). EVERYONE else in his class flew today and he's now officially behind everyone. Good thing his CO told him a month ago he'd make him a priority. I'm seeing that pan out quite well. Mark said he's going to shave his mustache today because it's been bad luck. Hopefully he'll stick to his word on that!

All I have to say is it's a good thing that I already have it in my mind that he's not going to the shower. If I was still holding out hope, I probably would have had a complete breakdown today, in the middle of Wal-Mart, when I found out he was cancelled again. Instead, I just laughed. What else can you do at this point? As long as he's done with training by April 10th (instead of April 1), we'll still be able to stick to our current plan. Although at this point, I wouldn't be TOO surprised if he wasn't even done by then. He said that he'll just call his mom (who's flying into Phoenix on the 14th) and tell her we'll pick her up at the airport on our way into town. We'll see how close to the truth that is... =)


Elsbit said...

Is his commander being a dick about this? Because he is asking to priority he is making him last? Whatever the case that sucks! I am glad that you are going with the flow! Much healthier!

Em said...

Monica, yep, I agree that you just have to laugh about it. It is something that is out of your control, and since you can't personally do anything about the situation, there's no use agonizing about it. I'm so happy that you're still going to Galena for your shower, and I'm sorry I won't be there. I'll be there in spirit, though!