Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally a few answers..

Even though it's not the answer I wanted, at least it's an answer and something to go with. Mark talked to his CO (commander) today, and the CO said there is no way he'll be done by next Friday, which means Mark doesn't get to go home with me for the shower. Big bummer. But I'm much more calm about this whole thing now that I have a definite answer. Now we can plan accordingly instead of waiting to find out what's going to happen.

So as far as planning accordingly - the movers will be here in a week to pack up our house. On Tuesday, they will load up our house and take all our stuff to AZ. On Wednesday my mom is flying down to Tulsa, where I will pick her up at 11am and then make it back to Enid by 1:30pm (it's a 2 hr drive) for my last OB appointment here. We're thinking Mark's graduation is going to be postponed, but if it's not it'll be at 3pm Wednesday. Wednesday night I'll spend cleaning the apartment. Thursday we'll move Mark into TLF (temp lodging facility) on base along with stuff we want to take ourselves to AZ, but that I don't want to drag all the way up to IL and back and then I'll "check out" of our apartment and my mom and I will hit the road as early as possible to head back to IL. It's an 11hr20min drive alone. I'm not sure how long it'll take with stops. Depending on if Mark already had his graduation or not, we might head back to OK Sunday evening or Monday morning. If he doesn't graduate on Weds, there's a possibility he'll graduate at 3pm on Monday, so I want to get back by then so we'd have to leave Sunday night. Otherwise we'll leave IL on Monday morning. Monday and Tuesday of the following week, we'll spend the night in a hotel in Enid while Mark outprocesses and then we'll take our time getting to AZ. We'll probably get to AZ on Friday or Saturday, but the earliest our stuff could be delivered will be on Monday, I think. Mark's mom is flying down to Phoenix Wednesday night, and both of our mom's are heading home on Sunday (4/19).

I'm much more relaxed about everything now that I have somewhat of a plan in place. My biggest fear (that Mark wouldn't be able to come home with me) is a reality now, so now I just have to deal with that. I'm not NEARLY as worked up about when Mark will be done because I guess it really doesn't matter now. Mark, on the other hand, came home pretty stressed, because once again, his flight was cancelled today. He's slightly worried about this block of training that he's in because it's tough, and he will be going on 5 days since he's flown last night. We seem to alternate when we stress out, so that past 3 weeks were my time, and tonight was his. He's better now though and so am I. We'll get through all this craziness one way or another.

On a different note, it's weird not working now. I still have a ton to do, but I barely made a dent in my list so it feels like I didn't do much today, even though I was busy almost all day long. And I miss my work friends.

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Elsbit said...

I am glad that you at least get to go to your shower! I am impressed by how much you are getting done while so pregnant!