Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crazy OK weather.

Friday I took Sadie Roo to the vet to get her stitches out. Ollie went along for the ride, and both of them survived and made it back in one piece. (They HATE going to the vet.) Sadie is pretty much good as new again. This was her worst injury, and now it's pretty much all better.

Afterwards we went for a walk in the park and then Sadie came home and vegged out for a bit.

Monday we had a pretty bad ice storm here. Oklahoma rarely gets snow, but they get some crazy ice sometimes, and it's pretty much ALWAYS really windy. If it's going to be cold and gross, at least it could snow... But not here. Here's the extent of the "snow" that we got.

And here's a close up of the ice.

It was interesting driving around on Wednesday bc after being in the 20's, it was in the 50's. Ice was falling from everywhere - trees, roofs, power lines, stop lights. It was kind of dangerous to drive around because big sheets of ice were falling from everything. I saw a few cars get hit pretty good. By Thursday, it was over 65 degrees here. This state just needs to pick a season and stay with it for that season, not go through like 3 seasons in 4 days. I don't like that.

Other than that, not much has been going on here. I got my blood pressure machine, and I've been checking it multiple times a day, and it's pretty much perfectly normal. I'm just trying to keep a record of it to show my doctor when I go in next (on the 9th). I still feel great. My hip pain seems to be getting somewhat better, which is nice. It still hurts occasionally when I've been laying down for a while, but not like it used to. I'm getting stretch marks everywhere.... Yay... Mostly on my hips and a few on the front of my belly, which annoy me. Even more annoying are the ones on my boobs. I do NOT need bigger boobs.... Ugh. My belly button is a lot different than it used to be. Mark is pretty much fascinated by it and he's always sticking his finger in it, which bugs me sometimes. It's really "soft" now, and very shallow. Pretty soon it'll probably be completely flat, or maybe even turn into an "outtie". He'll probably be thrilled if that happens. I think I've gained about 15lbs now, depending on what time of day I weigh myself. I only wanted to gain 15lbs this whole pregnancy.... Guess that's not going to happen considering I'm only 23.5 weeks... Oh well. I'll just have to work extra hard to get it all off after she's here.

One more picture to prove that I cannot do ANYTHING without 2 weina dogs either directly on me or RIGHT next to me. Here I'm trying to knit a scarf for my boss. They have the entire couch to lay on, but they still choose my lap. It's okay though. I don't really mind most of the time. It'll be interesting once the blueberry is here though....

Before I forget, for those of you that get this by email, I put a new survey on our blog, but you have to go to the actual blog to see it. It's in the top right hand corner.

Hope you all have a good week!


Em said...

Be proud of those pounds, Monica. I gained 40 and am quite happy with them (once I accepted that I was going to blow past the 25 I had "hoped" to gain. Sigh.). Once the little one is here, you'll breastfeed and that will help, and you will go for walked with baby and weinas in tow and that will help too.

Anonymous said...

I hear cocoa butter is really good for any kind of stretch marks - it works good on any kind of scars too. Love the weinas on your lap, our two cats are the same way!