Friday, February 6, 2009

My headache luck ran out.

You have to be kind of creative when looking at this ultrasound. The blog in the top middle is her hand. If you look really closely you can see a very faint outline of her face to the left of her hand. Her eye is the darker part and her little nose is the lighter part under that. (You can see her little nostril too.) He had much better pictures of her up on the screen when we were there, but he didn't print them off. Oh well. This is better than nothing. My next appt is Monday, to check on my blood pressure.

Yesterday I had another migraine. I was hoping that I wouldn't have any more during this pregnancy, but I guess my luck ran out. I had a full-on headache when I came home from work. I tried taking 2 Tylenol and laying down for a few hours, but when I got up, it was worse. So after 4 Tylenol and 3 midrin, between 2pm and 10:30pm, it was FINALLY gone when I woke up this morning. Thank God. Being the professional worrier that I am, I was really nervous that something had happened to her, causing my hormones to be off again, causing the migraine. Plus I hadn't felt her much all day (but that could have been because I was pretty much asleep the entire afternoon). Before we went to sleep though, she started kicking away. Mark felt 3-4 really good kicks, so I was pretty darn excited about that, and so was he. Today I was playing the piano for her and she started kicking a bunch while I was playing. That was pretty neat too. I try to play at least a few songs on the piano for her every day. If I get enough guts, I'll record me playing my (and the blueberry's I'm sure) favorite song and I'll post it on here sometime.... Maybe. =)

In other news, my Jetta is now in the shop. I was driving home from having lunch with my husband's classmates wives (got that?) yesterday, and it started driving really rough and making a funny noise and it smelled terrible.... So I spent this afternoon (with Mark's help) finding a place to look at it and getting it towed up there since I didn't want to drive it any more. He just called and said he's not 100% sure what's wrong with it, but he's going to start by replacing the spark plugs because it's severely misfiring. Yay.

Tonight is "First Friday". It's pretty much a tradition in fighter squadrons. The guys (and girls in the military) have a roll call, which is basically where they do all their "traditions" and is mainly a good opportunity to get completely drunk, and it's mandatory that they attend.... On First Friday, however, us wives get to join in. So they have their roll call at 4:03pm (:03 because his squadron is the 3rd) and then the wives can come around 5pm and I guess we're supposed to bring food and we all hang out and drink (water for me) and have a good time. Should be interesting, and I guess this is something I should get used to bc they have mandatory roll calls in most, if not all, fighter pilot squadrons. Mark will have these every other week, but the wives only join in on the first one of the month. We'll see how it goes. Luckily Mark has declared himself a non-drinker in this squadron. In the military, more specifically in fighter squadrons, it's pretty much an all or nothing attitude. So you can't tell them you just want one or two beers. If you drink they're going to make you drink a LOT, as he found out in his naming ceremony when he was in UPT. That was not a good night for us. But we both learn a lot about ourselves and each other that night, and it taught him the "all or nothing" lesson. It's unfortunate it has to be like that, but when you're not in the higher ranks, you kind of get bullied into doing things sometimes. Crazy military lifestyles....

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