Thursday, August 10, 2017

Josie at 8 months


My little Josie Tosie puddin peas (as I like to call you), you are such a great baby and you’re getting to be such a fun age.  We hit a little bit of a rough patch for a few days where you were super hard to get to sleep and then woke up a few times a night, but soon you were back to your smiley self.  You seriously smile all the time.  And now you do this adorable nose wrinkled grin where you tilt your head back and wrinkle your nose and show your toothless gums.  Although this month you did get your first 2 bottom teeth!!!  A day before you turned 8 months old you got them and now sometimes I can see them in pictures sometimes.  You are gnawing on anything you can get your mouth on lately so I bet more are coming soon.


So you had your 2nd plane trip this month to southern IL for dad’s grandpa’s funeral.  You did really well on the flights, thank God, since we had all the kids with us.  You slept fairly well in all the hotels and houses we stayed in.  And you always do well with everyone around you and being passed around.  You’re pretty social and don’t have any “stranger danger” yet.  However, I was lax about making people wash hands before holding you, so you got sick for the first time.  I kick myself for not enforcing my rules with you with dad’s family, but I didn’t want to come off as “that mom”.  But from now on I don’t really care if I come off as “that mom”.  If it keeps you from getting sick, it’s worth it.  We decided to take you to the ER on a Sunday night because we were flying out on a Tuesday and you were acting like you had an ear infection.  You kept grabbing at your ear and we didn’t want to risk it getting worse and then taking you on a plane ride.    So we took you in and they said you had a slight infection in one year, but that’s it.  We opted to give you your first round of antibiotics to make sure it didn’t get worse.  But getting you to take those meds was next to impossible.  You still aren’t a big fan of anything in your mouth really so it’s been a challenge.


One of our biggest issues this month has been your constipation.  You get SO constipated so easily and you have the hardest time pooping.  We have to help you quite often and you cry and bleed and it’s just horrible.  I asked the ped about it and he said they can’t do anything for you, so we’ve been trying to give you more water and fruits and prune juice and it helps sometimes, but not always.  The antibiotics really helped the most but after you got off of them you went back to being constipated.  It’s not fun.  I give you probiotics and constipation ease in your bottles, but it’s still hard on your system.  Hopefully you grow out of it soon.


You are the happiest little thing ever.  The only issue we sometimes have with you is getting you down for bed.  Sometimes you take a couple tries and a couple hours before you’re out for the night, which can be frustrating when we just want to relax after dealing with kids all day.  But you’re so sweet it’s hard to be too mad.  You are such a little sweetie peas and just love watching all the chaos around you all the time.  No one makes you laugh like Ben does although we’ve been able to get a few belly laughs out of you recently.  You smile constantly, but you rarely full on laugh.  But your newest thing is throwing your head back and wrinkling up your little nose showing all of your gums.  I will be sad when you get those top teeth.  I love your gummy smile right now.


Stop getting older little one.  I love you just the way you are!!


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