Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Josie at 7 months


My little Josie toe-sie, you are getting so big!!!  You are still the sweetest, smiliest baby ever and you have cheeks for days.  EVERYONE comments on your cheeks and I spend the majority of my time kissing them.  Between that and your fat hammies – they are the most squeezable things ever.  They’re like my little stress reliever balls.  It’s not wonder you’re not mobile or rolling at all.  I hold you quite a bit and squeeze you all day long.


So you still aren’t rolling all the way over.  You roll on to your sides and that’s about it.  If you’re sitting in the boppy pillow sometimes you can sit yourself back up if you fall into a reclined position.  You bounce like crazy in your bouncer and will put weight on your feet but don’t even attempt walking yet.  You have been a little constipated at times so we’ve backed off the solid foods a little bit.  You’re funny because you are so interested in what we’re eating, but if we try to give you a tiny bite you get this disgusted look on your face and spit it out immediately.  You’re a little better at keeping purees in your mouth, but you don’t love food like the other 3 have.  The ped said not to worry about it too much.  You are sitting up pretty well unassisted and you love to watch everyone around you.  You cry now if someone walks out of the room and leaves you there.



We got you caught up on your shots this month and you weighed around 18.5lbs.  You’re in 6-9 month clothes still but some of them are getting tight.  You drink around 25oz of formula and are still in size 3 diapers.  You love going for walks and I’m starting to put you in the stroller without your car seat and you seem to be super happy that way.  You have been taking a while to get to sleep at night.  I have to make sure you’re REALLY asleep before I put you down otherwise you’re fussing within a few minutes.  Usually you sleep until at least 630 and sometimes 730 if I’m really lucky.  Your naps are still kinda random and you like to nap in your swing.  I need to get you out of that habit because it barely moves with you in it now.  I haven’t gotten you to successfully nap in your pack n play yet, but I would like to get you doing that soon.  Sometimes you will nap on our bed if I lay with you, but I’m afraid you’d decide to roll then and roll off of it.


Overall, you’re the best baby ever.  We all fight over you constantly, and mostly your siblings.  Abbie forever wants to haul you around like you’re her baby doll and the boys fight over you pretty much ever hour they are awake.  If I could freeze you at this age forever, I would!


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