Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Josie at 5 months


So I am way behind on my monthly updates, and am writing this when you’re over 6 months old.  Life has been crazy lately with getting the house on the market and then listing it with a realtor and the kids being home from school for the summer, but I’m finally getting my feet under me and getting around to writing a very quick update. 


You were pretty fussy this month, but that’s relatively speaking since you are generally a really happy baby.  We tried baby food for the first time with you on May 2 and you weren’t a big fan.  You haven’t lost the tongue reflex yet and just push everything out as fast as we can get it in.  But you do seem a little interested in food and like to watch other people eat.  You are drooling like crazy so I thought you might get teeth soon (but you haven’t yet).  I gave you Tylenol once on May 1 and you haven’t had it since.  You like your activity bouncer thingy, and I still shove blankets around you to keep you stable.


Your sleep is about the same.  Some nights you do great and other nights not so much.  And I moved you up to 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers now.

You are our little sweetie peas and we love watching you grow!

(Sorry for the picture dump.  I don’t have time to organize them all but I wanted to get them all up here!)



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