Wednesday, August 10, 2016

21 weeks

I am almost 22 weeks pregnant now and overall I feel great!  Sometimes I don't really even feel pregnant, which then makes me worry that something is wrong.  I have pretty good energy for the most part, and I am able to sleep pretty well still.  Sometimes my bottom hip (I sleep on my sides) gets a little sore and I have to switch, and I get up in the middle of the night to pee at least once, but that's normal.

My belly is definitely getting bigger, and I have felt baby girl on and off for a couple weeks now, but not consistently.  She has her times of day where she's more active and I feel her a lot and sometimes I can poke around on my belly and feel something hard, but I'm not sure if it's her head or butt or back.  I've only gained about 4.5 lbs so far, and I'm pretty darn happy about that.  Every once in a while I get the back "crunches" when I stand up where it's pretty painful until whatever aligns again, but not frequently.  I've only had SPD pains a few times.  Its a little hard to bend over now because it feels like I have a brick in my belly and it hurts.  But I am still wearing all my normal clothes for the most part.  I kept all my bigger sized pants and shorts from before I lost 25lbs earlier this year knowing that I wanted to get pregnant.  So I am wearing those bigger shorts now and they are still comfy and some are even still a little big.  All my shirts still fit fine too, some of them are just getting a little short because my belly makes them ride up.

The kids are pretty excited about baby girl.  Abbie is always telling me that she's going to have to help a lot since I'll have my hands full with Jamison and she'll have to hold the baby while we're eating or carry her when we're out and about.  (Not going to happen.)  I have my anatomy ultrasound tomorrow and Ben knows we're going to a doctors appointment and he keeps asking me if we're going there to get the baby out.  It's pretty cute.  The kids both call her "our baby", which I love.  My mom keeps telling me what we should name her, which I don't love.

I am anxious about the ultrasound tomorrow.  I always get anxious before my appointments, but this is the big one where they could find something wrong and it's scary.  I have a good feeling about her, but you never know.  Luckily Mark is going with me so that makes me feel a lot better.  Last time I had an OB appointment I had the kids with me and it was over an hour and a half late, which was super annoying.  The kids did amazingly well, but by the end of that wait, all of our patience is fried and we're just ready to leave.  I am so thankful that J is such a laid back little dude and will sit in his stroller the whole time and watch all the action around him.

As exciting as it is to have another baby, and as much as we all want her, I am a little sad too that Jamison won't be my baby anymore.  He's still so little, and I absolutely love having him as my baby now.  I feel a little guilty that I'm jipping him of some of his time of being the youngest.  It does make me a little nervous to have 2 babies too.  J will only be 19 months old when #4 is born and he will still be too little to walk through a parking lot by himself.  So I will be carrying a baby in an infant carrier, a 30+lb baby in my arms and the diaper bag.  Pretty much a pack horse.  Maybe I can just wear Jamison to make things easier.  I do want to get a Tula Toddler eventually but they are expensive so I'm saving money for it.  A friend was over with her 6 month old and I was holding him for a little bit and Jamison definitely wasn't too happy about it.  He wanted me to pick him up and was watching me very closely.  I will definitely have to make room for 2 on my lap, which is perfectly fine with me.  Jamison is such a little snuggler and it's one of my favorite traits of his.

Overall, this pregnancy has been great and I hope and pray to God that tomorrows ultrasound reveals a healthy baby girl.  I will feel much better after it's over.

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