Friday, June 24, 2016



We went on a camping trip to Yosemite in June.  I don’t know what I was envisioning when I thought of Yosemite, but it was better than I ever imagined.  We didn’t stay in the park, but some day we’d love to stay in the park and next time we’ll try to take our bikes.


We visited the little historic area first.  The kids loved watching the horse drawn wagon go through the covered bridge.  And we liked looking in all the windows of the old cabins to see how they lived way back when.




Then we ate lunch at the hotel.  It reminded me of the one in Dirty Dancing a little bit.  I would have been neat to see at actual room.  The food was decent and the huge porch was so neat.  I’d love to have a porch like that some day.




Lastly we drove up to Glacier Point.  I don’t know what I was expecting but it was beautiful and breath-taking.  We took TONS of pictures.  This is just a few of them.



I have to say, as beautiful as it was, it is terrifying taking young kids to these places sometimes.  Mark and I are constantly making sure we have all 3 of them with us and no one is near a ledge.  And then they want to look over ledges and we have death grips on them.  I know the odds of them falling are slim, but accidents happen and it gives me nightmares, that’s for sure.  I don’t know what we’ll do when we have 4.  I guess we’ll both wear the younger two and each take charge of one of the older two.  And if Mark isn’t around we will stay home.



We ended the day getting ice cream at the top and J loved doing “so big” on the way back from our walk.




The second day we decided to go down to the valley and it was equally as breath-taking as it was up on the cliffs.  There were rather tame deer around and we hiked through a few meadows and then to the Lower Falls after lunch.









Next we decided to do a hike to Mirror Lake.  I had to pee so bad but the map showed that there were bathrooms along the trail so we headed out.  Turns out the trail forked and what we thought was a large loop wasn’t.  There was the “trail” side of the river and the “road” side of the river and both lead to Mirror Lake but they didn’t connect unless you swam across the river.  I was very tempted since the bathrooms ended up being on the OTHER side of the river.  Grrr..  I was not a happy camper.



Jamison cashed it in on a short part of the hike.  Overall, he really is a great little traveler.  I wish they made Ergo’s for adults.






We saw a bobcat on the trail, along with a couple deer.  The stupid guy was basically chasing the thing and I couldn’t get a picture without him being in the shot.  Idiot.





Yosemite was beautiful and I feel like we didn’t see all of it.  We’d love to go back someday and take advantage of the many bike trails they have in the Valley.  The Valley was about an hour and a half from our camp ground so that made it a bit interesting with the commutes, but it was a great trip and we hope to be back someday!


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