Wednesday, December 9, 2015

To my 4 year old.

Dear my little Benji boy,
Four years old already!  I can’t believe it!  It seems like just yesterday I was terrified about having you because they told me you were huge and could get stuck.  And now you’re this rambunctous, sweet boy who keeps me on my toes!  I had your whole birthday letter written out last year and some how it got deleted before I posted it and I never got around to writing a new one, which I’m still kicking myself for.  So this years is getting posted!
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You’ve matured a lot this past year.  You’re starting to be a little bit more independent (a little bit) and you’re starting to figure things out on your own.  You still get frustrated very easily, which brings on the screaming, but I’ve seen a decrease in that the past few months.  Thank God.  I have to say that it drives me absolutely batty when you scream out of frustration.  Your favorite words this year have been “I cay-unt!!” and you say them ALL the time!  I finally drew arrows in your shoes so you would know which foot to put them on and that seems to be working well.  You just recently started getting dressed by yourself, although you still get your shirts on backwards or upside down occasionally.  And then you scream until I make you come to me so I can help.  Silly boy.
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You are an EXCELLENT big brother and Jamison just adores you.  You spend a good portion of every day trying to get J to laugh and you succeed quite often.  He is always watching you and what you’re doing and he gets so excited when you come over to him.  Again, you scream bloody murder if you’re trying to play with Jamison and Abbie gets anywhere near you, but we’re working on that.  I never once worried about you being bad with Jamison, and you proved me right.  You’re very gentle with him and you ask to hold him a few times a week now, even though you were afraid to touch him when he was brand new.  You and Abbie have a love/hate relationship.  Sometimes you play great together and other times you get tired of her bossing you around so you throw a fit.  But overall you guys are pretty good buds.  She was in tears because she didn’t buy you a plane she’s getting talking about getting you before your birthday.
We finally got you potty trained this year (aka – to poop in the potty).  That was a big hurdle for you but daddy bribed you with your very own Gator and I did some major pep talking and it worked.  Once you did it once and realized it didn’t hurt and wasn’t scary, then you were fine.  I hope with Jamison daddy picks a much cheaper bribe as yours was $400….  But you do love your Gator, and so do all the neighbor kids.
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You’re a pretty picky eater right now but you could live on hot dogs and mac n cheese and ranch with a few chicken nuggets.  You go through bucket fulls of Ranch.  You are your daddy’s biggest fan.  You ask us every single night if daddy has to go to work in the morning and one of your first questions in the morning once you’re awake is “Is daddy at work?’.  And you usually ask at least 10 times a day when daddy is coming home.  He’s a great daddy and role model for you and if you turn out as half of a good guy as your daddy, I’ll be happy.
We love you little dude.  You are such a cute little bugger and you definitely keep this household loud and active.  Don’t ever change.
Your mommy

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