Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jamison at 3 months


Jamison has been a pretty fun and easy baby for the most part.  He’s usually pretty relaxed, unless he’s over tired and then he gets cranky sometimes.  But he’s full of smiles a lot and talks up a storm when you talk to him.  It’s fun.


Sorry for the picture dump.







I think he weighs around 15lbs based on our home scale, and he’s around 25 inches long.  He’s got really chunky baby thighs that I just love to squeeze.  We just moved him up to 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.  He nurses quite a bit and then we feed him a 5 oz bottle of formula before he goes to bed.


His sleep is still throwing me for a loop.  He’s typically down for the “night” at 9pm.  Sometimes he’ll sleep until 1am, or sometimes he’s up at 11pm and 1am and then 3am and 5am.  Very rarely he sleeps until 3am.  I try to get him back to sleep in his sleeper next to my bed, but he cries constantly and wakes Mark up so I usually end up just bringing him to bed with me.  Occasionally that works, but my neck, back and shoulders are really, really sore from trying to stay in the same position all night.  If I relax at all, my boob comes out of his mouth and then he cries.  It’s been tough.  Typically right as I’m falling asleep, he’s waking up.  So needless to say, I haven’t had a good nights sleep in quite a while.  And I also sleep with my glasses on because I’m blind as a bat without them and usually so out of it, it would take me twice as long to find my glasses to see him so I could give him his paci.  I’m really looking forward to a good nights sleep one of these months.


Jamison is usually up for the day around 8am.  He takes a little hour or so nap around 11am and then his really good nap is from 1-4ish, although that’s going to change because we’re going to have to pick Abbie up from school at 3:15pm starting tomorrow.  Then he’ll take another small nap around 5 or 6 for an hour or so.


He’s just starting to laugh and has discovered his hands.  I was worried because he wasn’t really grabbing at things right at 3 months but now at 3.5 months, he swipes at things all the time and brings his hands together in front of him, and tries to put things in his mouth.  He hangs on to bottles when you feed him.  He’s getting a lot better in the car seat and is usually happier during the day now when you’re not holding him.  Before you had to hold him all the time for him to be happy, but now you can set him somewhere and he’s okay for a little bit.  I still don’t do much tummy time with him but sometimes he’ll be okay for 10-15 mins on his play mat.  He has pretty good head control when he’s sitting up and he loves to face out and look around.  He’s very happy on stroller rides usually and sometimes likes to be worn but I think he gets hot in the carriers I have.


I finally got most of his cradle cap to go away but combing it during a bath.  He LOVES bathes.  And I think he might have my brown eyes.  Verdict is still out on that.



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