Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mark’s fini flight


A few friends joined us for Mark’s fini flight at Luke.  Abbie and Sophia are inseparable when they’re together.  It’s pretty cute.  Ben wanders around half in awe, half terrified.  Jamison slept the whole time while I tried to keep his ears covered to protect him from the jet noise.


I look like a bloated toad and Mark looks hot as heck getting out of the jet.  Story of my life.


Doing the traditional “attack when they get out of the jet” gig.  This time they strapped him to the thingy they hang the bombs from.



Ben was interested and a little concerned about what they were doing to his daddy, but no tears.  Last time Abbie cried but neither of them did this time.


Gail came out for support and Mark flew his fini with Jalen (Rex).  Alana (Jalen’s wife) took all these pictures for me.




The kids were excited to spray Mark and they had a great time doing so.



Hard to believe this assignment is overwith!  2.5 years, our first home we’ve owned, one more dog, one more kid, another job for me, 3 different schools for Abbie, one school for Ben, a church we loved, and too many good friends to count, it’ll be hard to say goodbye to Arizona.


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