Thursday, January 22, 2015

To my sweet Benji



So I’m writing this a full year late.  I had this blog post all done and then for whatever reason my computer didn’t save it so I lost the whole thing and never got around to writing it again.  I just posted your 4 year update and I figured, if anything, I should at least post the pictures of your 3 year update.

The truth is, I don’t really remember a ton of specifics of this time last year, which is pretty much the whole point of this blog.  It’s my memory and I refer back to it often.  I know we finally got rid of your paci right around the time you were three, and we also moved you in to a big boy bed, which you did pretty well with.  You were your daddy’s biggest fan, and you still are.  Nothing has changed there.  I remember that you were (are) fun to have along when I run errands and you are a pretty good boy.  You love to help any way you can.

And you were (are) as cute as can be and we couldn’t love you more if we tried!


  IMG_2032  IMG_2059  IMG_2098 IMG_2143 IMG_2155 IMG_2282 IMG_2292  IMG_2309 IMG_2312  IMG_2389 IMG_2399

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