Friday, May 23, 2014

To my Abbie Rose


My little pippers,

It's hard to believe you're already five years old.  These past years have flown by and it has been so fun to watch you grow into the little girl you are now.  I tell you all the time that you need to stop getting big and you scrunch up your face and flex your little muscles and grunt a lot and say, "I try Mommy, but I just can't stay little!"


You are such a little girlie girl right now.  You love to go shopping with me and get so excited if I tell you you can pick something out.  You meticulously look around for the perfect dress or pair of shoes, touching everything you pass, but very obviously on the look out for something specific.  Your current love is long dresses that you can twirl in.  I bought you a long, yellow dress with flowers on it, and you would wear that every single day, all day and to bed if I let you.


You love to do your own hair now.  You spray detangler in it and brush it all out pretty well.  You can pull it back by yourself into a pony tail and then place the barrettes on either side of your face to hold your fringe hair in place.  You love to wear stick on earrings and you smear chap stick all over your face frequently.   You almost always have a necklace or bracelet or both on before we leave the house.  You like to grab your purse every time we leave the house and you put your sunglasses on top of your head just like you see your daddy do.


You are such a loving little girl.  Often times I will be working and you'll come up to me while I'm sitting at my desk to give me a kiss and tell me you love me.  You are ALWAYS up for an adventure, and you love getting out of the house and doing just about anything.  You are able to make friends easily wherever you go and you are quite obviously a natural leader.  You love to be in charge and when you are around little ones your age, you are usually coordinating things and making sure everyone is involved.  I hope you never lose your fearlessness and your confidence.


Sometimes you and Ben play so well together, and sometimes you fight like crazy.   You are usually happy as long as he’s going along with what you want him to do.  If not, you tend to try to force him to do what you want him to do and he’s getting to the point where he doesn’t like to be bossed around much.  You are all in to Barbie’s right now, and you love dressing them up.  You still like to do anything artsy and our kitchen table is usually a complete disaster with markers and paints and paper.


You are growing up so fast and I can’t believe you start kindergarten this year!  You are VERY excited about going to a new school and meeting your new teachers.  I wish I was as excited about it as you are.  If I could keep you this age forever, I would.


I love you more than you’ll ever know.




Your mama

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