Monday, February 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013



For Thanksgiving we had a couple of our friends from here over for dinner.  Jessica and I prepared all of the food, except for the turkey, and Chris and Mark took care of that.  It was fun to spend time with some friends and have them over to our house, and actually have enough space to have people over to our house!




It was nice to finally be back in the States to celebrate Thanksgiving and it was fun to spend it with some good friends.


The day after Thanksgiving we went to get our Christmas tree.  We chose to get a real one (our first real one in a long time!!).  Back in IL we would go to the Christmas tree farms and cut our tree down ourselves, but they don’t have any of those around here because apparently Christmas trees don’t grow well in the desert…  So they ship them in from the NW and you go pick them out.  Not many people were at the Christmas tree lot when we were there, so we had a pretty good




We had an Elf on the Shelf this year that the kids (Abbie) named Jingle.  Both of the kids LOVED coming downstairs and looking for Jingle every morning.  And Mark had fun finding places to put him every night.  Ben would come downstairs and say “OHHHH!!!!  Dere’s Jingle!!!  Daddy MEER!!  See Jingle!”  Definitely glad we got him.  Now if I can just remember where we hid him when he flew away to be with Santa for the rest of the year next year….  That’s the problem with hiding things from kids is that I usually end up hiding them from myself also…


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