Thursday, November 28, 2013


We have a wall in our house that we’ve been wanting to cover with canvas prints of our kiddos over the years.  Our house is very grey in color – grey walls, grey carpets, grey couch.  Different shades of grey, but still all grey, so I really wanted a wall of canvas prints to bring some color to our room.  I found a site online that was having a 70% off sale, and free shipping if you spent more than $75, so I made it my mission one night to go through 3 years of past pictures to try to pick out some of my favorites, edit them a bit, and the order the canvases.  Let me tell you, going through YEARS of our pictures was quite the chore.  Considering I have taken 500 picture per month most months, especially when the kids were tiny, I had a BUNCH of pictures to go through.  And truthfully, I only made it to July of 2012.   So Abbie is a couple months to just over 3 years old in these pictures and Ben is birth to eight months old.  But either way, here are some of our favorites from May 2009 to July 2012.  Some day I’ll finish the job and hopefully they’ll be having another sale!  I got 14 canvas prints for $161!  I am VERY excited to get them here and all hung up.  I’ll take a picture of it (imagine that!!) when we get it done!! Can you tell who is who in the baby pictures?





Unknown said...

What a great deal! Can you share the website you got it off of? I really need to get some canvases to add as well!

love all the pictures! And I think I could tell between the kids in most of the pictures. :-)

Elsbit said...

i LOVE that you are doing a canvas wall but one thing bothers me.... where are the pictures of YOU too deary?! Make sure you get one made of you also:D