Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jumper Abbie

Since Abbie started her swimming lessons, she’s really taken off in her love of the pool.  She loved it before, but she was content to just float around with her water wings on.  She didn’t want to jump in, she didn’t want to take her floaties off, she didn’t want to put her head under water or open her eyes under water.  In the past month, things have changed a little.  For one, she’ll jump in the pool completely by herself, while all the adults watch and take pictures from the deck.


She’s turned in to our little water kid.  We bought her a couple of those water ring and sticks that sink to the bottom of the pool and she loves trying to dive down to get them and usually she can get 2-3 of them before she comes up for air.


Thank God Mark likes to swim since I’m not much of a “get in the pool” person.  I like to watch from the sides.  And the pool is a nice refreshing 94 degrees right now.  (That was intense sarcasm… It’s like swimming in a warm bathtub.)  Abbie loves it and Ben loves it too, although we usually take Abbie swimming during Ben’s naptime, hence the lack of pictures of him.


All I can say is the house with a pool in the back yard was a good investment.  I’m glad we have it!



Elsbit said...

I am seriously impressed! This has made me decide I need to get Ellie some swimming lessons this upcoming year.

Is it hard to maintenance your pool?

Unknown said...

She's a little firecracker! Wilson loves to jump in the pool too!

Callie not so much, she's far more cautious. Hahah!