Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jenn’s baby quilt

One of my best friends, Jennifer, is due with her 2nd baby in the middle of September.  Another friend of ours and I hosted a baby shower for Jennifer and I started this quilt WAY late.  I really need to make a bunch of quilt tops for boys and girls and then just finish them when I need them done, instead of waiting until a week before the shower and then rushing to get the quilt done.  Either way, I think it turned out pretty well, despite a few of the mistakes I made.



I always love when quilts have the contrast strips in the back and this is the first time I did this with one of my quilts.  I like the way it turned out.


For the quilting I did a really big stipple pattern on the main part of the top and then a loop pattern on the border.  I used pink thread so you could see it a little better, although my free motion quilting still leaves MUCH to be desired.


I love doing baby quilts.  They come together relatively quickly and I don’t have to fight them as much to get them through my little sewing machine when I quilt them myself.  I think if I did a full sized bed quilt I would probably send it off to be quilted since my machine is really little and I’m just not good at maneuvering that much material around.


I think Jenn liked it and I hope that she and baby girl will get lots of use out of it.  Her cousin (pictured in the blue dress) surprised me by crying when Jenn opened the gift.  I guess their grandma had always made quilts for new babies in the family and Jenn’s baby girl was the first one that wasn’t going to get a handmade quilt, so she was really happy that she did get one after all.


I have a BUNCH of friends that are pregnant right now, so I’d better get working on my quilts!  I love putting them together and seeing the finished products!


Elsbit said...

It turned out great!

Brittney said...

Aw, how sweet, made me cry reading that her cousin cried when she saw it. So sweet. Looks good, love the colors!

Unknown said...

Oh and I are both too alike. I cried, too, when I read that and saw the pic of Jennifer's cousin crying. How sweet that you made baby Rasmussen a quilt and continued their family tradition since her grandmother can't any longer. You are such a sweet friend and I'm sure they will treasure the little quilt forever. I know how much I treasure the baby blanket Jennifer crocheted for Callum when he was born. Hugs to you, friend!!