Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My green thumb


Admittedly, I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, especially here in the desert.  I love having lots of blooming plants around but when it’s 111 out, things tend to shrivel up and die rather quickly.  However, my little raised garden bed has automatic sprinklers which I absolutely LOVE.  I just have to weed the thing every so often and watch it grow!  It’s great!


I planted a bunch of squash, and honestly, I thought I’d planted acorn squash, since I love acorn squash, but this most definitely isn’t acorn squash.  The little plant pictured below was a little bigger than my thumb when I took this picture and now we have 6-8 squash that are as big as my hand, or bigger!  Abbie and I love to go look at them every day to see how much they’ve grown and how many new ones we can see.


They start out this size, which is a little bigger than my pinkie nail and there are lots of little curly-que’s all over the place that turn in to more of the vines.  Our plants are getting so big they’re all the way down to the ground beside the garden and a foot or two away from the wall, and they’re still growing.  The ones closest to the pool are growing along the wall of our yard and are probably 5 feet long now!  It’s crazy, especially considering they all just turned up one day.


We also have 2 types of tomato plants.  I think heirloom are the big ones, which Abbie and I counted 12 of on our one huge plant and the ones below are Roma tomatoes, and honestly that one is so buried by the squash and heirloom tomato plant that I can’t even get in there to count them.  I might have to do some pruning and I didn’t put those wire things around my tomato plants so they’re kind of falling over because they’re so big.  Live and learn.  Next time I will.


And lastly is our sweet corn!.  Maybe I should have planted more of it.  We have about 8 stalks of it I think, and it’s been fun seeing that fuzzy stuff (I have no clue what it’s called) grow by the leaves and seeing the corn get bigger in there.


Here’s a picture I took yesterday of one of my zucchinis!  There are a couple this big and a couple more I see coming!


And here’s a picture of the squash heading towards the pool that I took yesterday too!  Next year I’m going to plant more!



Unknown said...

How awesome that you can actually grow stuff out there! I always thought it was too hot! But I am clueless when it comes to gardening.

Sure would love some zucchini and tomatoes though! Maybe our next duty station.

Jessica Lynn said...

Oh, I love this! I couldn't grow a single thing in Italy, and it's one reason I'm excited to go back to Georgia; we had so many veggies and basil growing out there! Automatic sprinklers is a genius idea...I may need to look into that.

Keep an eye on Bella and please smack her on the nose if she starts getting into the garden!

Unknown said...

We sure miss our Italy garden and looks like yours is coming along nicely -- good work! From the photos it looks like you might have a butternut squash plant growing. We had one in Italy that actually grew out of our compost pile from some butternut squash seeds I threw away when making a soup. They sure are hearty plants, huh! Enjoy all the fresh veggies -- we can't wait to have a yard again next summer. ;)