Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daddy/daughter date!


Abbie just loves watching me put on make-up and she is always asking me to put some on her.  I will pretend to put make-up on her with my brushes and then she’ll run and ask her daddy how she looks.  She loves it and it’s pretty cute.

I found this little compact of old make-up and I was going to throw it out, until Abbie saw it and decided that she wanted to play with it.  So I got her a few Q-tips and let her go to town and she had a ball.  The last picture doesn’t show it well but it pretty much looked like she got beat up since she had pink, purple and blue eye shadow all over her face.  And there’s a nice shot on the bottom of the 2 places she decided to cut her own bangs…  Ugh.  I don’t understand what kids fascination with scissors and their own hair is.  Hopefully she won’t do it again!



Abbie’s school and a daddy spaghetti dinner night so Abbie got all dressed up to go on her date with her daddy.  (No, she didn’t wear any make-up, except for a tiny bit of shiny lip gloss.)  She was really excited about it and so was Mark, although from the sounds of it, over half of the students there have pilot dads, so all the dads hung out and talked while all the kids ran around.  Typical…  I just asked Abbie what her favorite part of daddy date night was and she said playing with all of her friends and daddy letting her eat 2 brownies.  I think we need to re-think the concept of this daddy date night thing.



Ginger said...

Getting to do what she wants are the perks of Daddy night. Its what makes it special.

Jessica Lynn said...

I love this post so much. Before I even met you I remember reading a post about mark and abbie and how much they adored each other (it was right before he deployed, I think), and it made me SO excited for my future when I'd hopefully have a little girl. Julia already has Kenny wrapped around her little finger, so I can only imagine what their future will be like. So, so amazing to experience this!