Monday, December 31, 2012

OG Christmas Party

In early December, the OG (Ops Group) had a Christmas party on base for the kids, so we took Abbie and Ben to check it out.


This is Abbie and her best buddy, Luke.  They spotted each other from across the parking lot and ran to each other, which they do pretty much every time they see each other.  Abbie always talks about how much she loves her best friend Luke.  I’ll be sad when these two are split up due to the move.  (And when I don’t live near Jennifer, Luke’s mom, either.  She’s one of my best friends.)


Below is Abbie with Luke and Aiden and then Abbie with Xander.  She talks about these boys all the time.  All of the kids her age in the squadron are boys, with the exception of one girl, who wasn’t here then.  Quite the bunch of 3 year olds they are!


This pool full of balls was a hit with all of them!  And Ben loved it!!  (And yes, this was on his birthday!!)


Abbie did a little cookie decorating and cookie eating.



Then she got to talk to Santa for a bit.  I think it helped that she saw a bunch of other kids sitting on his lap first while we waited our turn.  Sometimes she’s still a little hesitant to sit on his lap, but she comes by that naturally since I still remember being terrified of Santa.


PS:  I just love it when Abbie’s hair is in braids like that.  Too bad it takes me forever to do it to her hair since she’s constantly moving and her hair is so fine it falls out right away too.  But it looks cute while it lasts!

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