Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ravello, Italy

On Sunday, we decided to head to Ravello instead of going up to Pompeii, like we’d originally planned.  I kind of wish we’d go to Pompeii instead of Ravello, since there really wasn’t much to “see” in Ravello.  The views were beautiful, as most of the Amalfi Coast is, but I think I would have rather seen Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.

Positano is still my favorite town on the Amalfi Coast.  I just love it, hence all the photos I took of it!



Again, driving in southern is nuts.  This is an example of the driving conditions most times, and sometimes things were even tighter than this.  I’m glad Mark was driving.


It took a LONG time to get to Ravello from where we were staying – like a good hour and a half or so.   The views made it interesting though.


We drove through the town of Amalfi, but we didn’t stop.  I would have liked to stop and check it out but we didn’t have time on the way there and the kids were zonked out for a much needed nap on the way back.  Maybe next time!



Ravello is way up on a hill along the coast, which is what make the views so neat, but the day we were there it was pretty darn hazy.  It was still pretty though.



Abbie is lots of fun to take pictures of.


We had lunch at a pretty expensive place that was overlooking the coast (I think they were all expensive so we didn’t have much choice), and then walked around the little town for a bit.


And then we stopped for some gelato.  Ben had his second taste and again, he really wasn’t too sure about it, but Mark and his mom got a kick out of giving it to him.  Abbie prefers to wear her ice cream, as opposed to just eating it.  It’s more fun that way.


After the gelato, Mark’s family left and we decided to go check out the villa as long as we’d driven all the way up there.


Villa Rufolo was owned by the prestigious Rufolo family in the early 13th century, but they eventually lost all of their power.  I don’t know all of the history behind it, but it was neat to see and the views from the villa were beautiful.




Abbie entertained everyone by climbing in this little doghouse type hut.  She’s pretty darn brave.  There were quite a few people laughing and taking pictures of her.


After all the exploring of the villa and gardens, Abbie cashed in her chips.  Ben did too, but I didn’t get a picture of him.  I don’t know how she can sleep like this, but she can and did.


And one more picture of Amalfi.  Some day I would really like to go back there.  Maybe on another cruise??


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Mrs. F said...

When I was in Italy my cousin and I rode a scooter down the Amalfi Coast, it was amazing! That road up to Ravello is crazy and the views are spectacular! I'd love to take my family someday...Definitely go to Amalfi and Pompeii next time. Great food and stationary in Amalfi and of course Pompeii is incredible.