Sunday, September 30, 2012

August/ September 2012 Abbie-isms

**I was making milk shakes for Mark, Abbie and myself and we asked Abbie if she wanted one.  She, of course, said yes, but we said, “Oh you don’t want one?  Well I guess we’ll just have one then.”  Abbie was like, “No!  I want one!”, but we pretended she said she didn’t again, and did that back and forth teasing for about 3-4 minutes.  Finally Abbie just stopped and got a little smirk on her face and said, “You guys are just teasing me, aren’t you?” and started laughing.  Not much gets by her!
**Mark was making up a bedtime story for Abbie about David and his mom running errands.  He told her a story about everything that David and his mom did that day and after he gets done, Abbie’s only question was, “But where was David’s daddy?”  She is about 300% a daddy’s girl.
**Abbie got stung by a bee (her first sting) and was a “tad” bit hysterical about it.  She, of course, wanted to call her daddy, so we called Mark and he asked her what happened.  She replied with “I’m just freaking out right now”, which was about an understatement of the year.  She was screaming, which scared Ben, so he was screaming.  Fun times…  But she’s fine now.
**Abbie has learned the concept of husband/wife.  We had just dropped my friend, Brittney, off and her house and Abbie said, “You know what?  Brittney’s husband’s name is Dan!”  (That was correct.)  So then we went through a few more people – Jennifer’s husband is Josh, Grandma’s husband is Grandpa, my husband is daddy, etc.  I decided to test her memory and ask her who my friend Rachel’s husband is.  (She hasn’t seem them since the end of May when we were back in the States.)  Abbie thought about it for a minute and then exclaimed, “Rachel’s husband is Jay Jay Angel!!”.  (That is incorrect.  Jay Jay Angel is Rachel’s horse.  Husband.  Horse.  Almost the same thing.  I gave her half of a point.)
**Abbie doesn’t really say “self” very much.  Instead of saying, “I can do that all by my self.”, she’ll say, “I can do that all by my lone.” or “I don’t want to be by my lone.”  Kind of makes me smile every time.
**Abbie pronounces school as Skew-El.  She’s always talking about going to skew-el.  Pretty funny.
**Mark and I were in the kitchen and I gave him a hug and said, “I love you.”  Abbie was in the other room, not in eye sight, but as soon as I said that, she piped in with “I love you too, Daddy.”

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Angela Noelle said...

So precious! I can never bring myself to correct little kids' pronunciation. I love the crazy things that come out of their mouths.