Sunday, July 1, 2012

The kids stats

Today I took both kids to the doctor for their 3 year and 6 month check ups.
Abbie, at 3 years and 1 month old, is 34.8lbs and 39.8 inches tall.  This puts her in the 81% for weight and over the 97% for height.  Her BMI is 33%, which is normal.  (I’m not sure what the BMI % is, since normally it’s just a number.  If you calculate her BMI normally, it’s 15.4, which would put her underweight, but she’s not at all underweight, so it must be different for kids.  Basically, she’s still just like her daddy, stature-wise.  I took her to get one of her shots last week, and she didn’t even cry!  Not one peep out of her!  I was shocked!
I talked to the pediatrician a little bit about Abbie’s behavior (while Abbie was not in the room).  She assured me that Abbie is 100% normal and that this is a stage.  She said that consistency is the key and that she should be out of it in a couple months.  She also said that often time first-born girls are the most strong-willed and that usually the smarter they are, the more of a challenge they can be.  So it was reassuring to hear her say that she’s normal.
I’ve found that if I change my attitude towards her, things are better, just because of my attitude.  Even if she doesn’t necessarily behave better, if I try to remain more calm, it doesn’t get to me as much.  The past few days have been better for us, but I am excited for her to go back to her sitter 2-3 days a week for 3 hours next week.
(I took her to get one of her shots last week, and she didn’t even cry! Not one peep out of her! I was shocked!)
Our little man is getting bigger also.  He’s now 18lbs 12oz (59%) and 27.2” (57%).  His head circumference is 45.6cm, which is in the 86%.  He has a big nugget.  The doctor said she probably wouldn’t have even recognized him if she hadn’t seen me since he’s changed so much since she last saw him (when he was 3 months old).
She can still hear his heart murmur, but she said it’s not anything major since he is obviously gaining weight and growing just fine.  He’ll probably have to get another echo when he’s around 9 months old.
He has a thing with grabbing his right foot now.  Any chance he gets, he grabs ahold of that thing for dear life.  And he’s currently cutting both of his bottom front teeth.
I am so thankful for two healthy, beautiful children.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful children!!

That is amazing that Abbie didn't cry getting her shots! Wow!

Sometimes I wish I could hire a sitter for Wilson, these toddler years are so tough on us!