Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Burano, Italy

After Mark and I spent some time in Murano, we took the vaporetto to Burano, which was about a 30 minute ride.  We learned our lesson on the way from Venice to Murano, so we got seats for this part of the trip.
Burano is known for it’s handmade lace and there were lots of little lace shops all over the place.  Most of them had ladies in the back hand stitching lace.
Burano is also known for it’s brightly colored buildings, and they were very bright.  It seems like such a cheerful place to live.  How could you not be happy when surrounded by all those colors?
About 2800 people live on Burano, and it is actually 4 islands connected by short bridges.  The people here have to get approval from the government to paint their houses.  Crazy huh?  The town because renowned for it’s lacemaking when Leonardo di Vinci visited and bought a cloth for the main alter of a big church in Milan.  After that, Burano lace because popular around Europe.
Mark and I wandered around on the island, looking in all the little shops and admiring the colorful houses.  We checked out the bell tower that was leaning quite a bit and debated as to whether or not it would fall on houses if it ever fell over.
Burano (pronounced Burr-ah-no) is a really cute little town.  There was a cool artists shop right near the vaporetto stop and Mark and I wished we’d bought one of his pieces.  Oh well.  Maybe some day we’ll go back and hopefully he’ll still be there!
In case you’re wondering what the vaporetto looks like, here’s a picture of the inside. 

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